A Clarkson Mosaic - page 218

remind him that class was over because he never paid any attention to the bells for
changing classes.
Ron Ashby '51, remembered his roommate being called on the carpet for serenading Dr.
Buxton at night under his window while drinking a case of beer.
Adrian Bogart Jr. '51, fondly remembered taking the train back to the Malone campus
from New York City after Christmas 1947, and not being able to see the train station at
Owl's Head because it was buried by snow. He also recalled paying $6.00 a week for
board at Mrs. Maloney's and then coloring margarine by squeezing the bag it came in to
spread the yellow color tablet through it.
Ken Babey '50, remembers Bill Conroy threatening to
a student out of class if
he didn't shape up.
Francis Carney '51, shudders as he recalls being terrified during the first orientation
session when the assembled freshmen were told by Director Buxton to "look to your
left and then look to your right, for by graduation time, two of you won't be here!"
Bob Donaldson '51. He remembered hitchhiking on mid-winter weekends from Malone
to Canton to date his (now) wife, and getting stuck in Moira. Rides would be so scarce
that whenever a car or truck passed, regardless of its direction, he would hitch a ride in
that direction, just to get out of the cold.
Bob Fitch '50, remembered hanging the physics prof, Willie Stirrat, in effigy from the
flagpole, and then, as a class officer, having to meet with Dr. Buxton to try to smooth
things over between the administration and the student body.
Sandy Ginsberg '54, remembered developing a taste for macaroni, and peanut butter and
jelly, courtesy of Ma Sessions.
Ed Misiaszek '52, remembered Isiah Williams, better known as Ike, the janitor known
by and a friend to all.
Charles Miannay '50, remembered surviving a Malone winter of snow, snow, and more
snow for 65 straight days, and of winter nights when the temperature was 40 below
Dick Elwell '54, remembered the big ROTC parade right through the middle of Malone
in spring 1954 when the band took a detour on the way back to campus to serenade
somebody's girlfriend on a side street near school.
Lloyd Rogers '52, remembered going from the dorm to classes through the
tunnels between buildings on bitter winter days.
Dick Perkins '53, shiveringly remembered riding in the back of an open pickup truck
from Malone to Potsdam in 30 degree below zero weather just to see a Clarkson-St. Lawrence
hockey game.
Bob N. Clark '51, remembered the elephant that escaped from the circus at the Malone
Fairgrounds, and the ensuing chase by handlers, townspeople, and students alike.
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