A Clarkson Mosaic - page 223

Convocation Choices
. The results of a student opinion poll in August revealed that 122 out of
123 students felt a Clarkson assembly program would be desirable. Engineering was the widest
choice for topics, with Current Affairs, Physics, Politics, Music, and Art following in that order.
The names suggested were interesting. They included Governor Dewey (of New York),
H.V. Kaltenborn (radio commentator), Marion Hargrove (popular author), Eleanor Roosevelt,
Fiorello LaGuardia (NYC mayor), and even Lana Turner (Hollywood beauty).
Answers to other suggestions included: six convocations a year was the consensus; no
classes should be cancelled, but other classes that day should be shortened; and each
engineering honor society should sponsor a speaker, and that the speech should be followed by
debates among the students.
Return to Campus
. A column in the September
noted the impact on the Clarkson
men on returning to campus. Observing that after spending a summer without worrying about
shaves, haircuts, and attire, the Clarkson male suddenly reverted to wearing ties, shining his
shoes, and combing his hair, the paper concluded that the presence of young women across the
street, and the many social functions that go with their presence, easily explained the
transformation. [Note. Potsdam Normal was across Main Street from Old Main.]
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