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CCT Featured on Radio.
On December 18, Clarkson College was featured on the coast-to-
coast Mutual Network program, "Campus Salutes." This weekly program was broadcast from
Washington, D.C., by the Department of the Army and the US Army Band. The narrative
included the story of the College's founding and history, its contributions to the wartime
training program, its opportunities for veterans under the GI Bill of Rights, and its ROTC
program. Featured on the program was a new Clarkson song, "The Green and Gold," written
by two students, John Dacey '49 of Oceanside, N.Y., and Carmen Bellavia '50 of Rochester,
presented by the Army Band and Chorus.
Broadcasting direct from LaGuardia Airport, Ralph Damon, president of American
Airlines and chairman of Clarkson's Board of Trustees, paid tribute to the College, pointing out
the important role engineers have played in the advancement of science and industry. This
Clarkson "salute" was written and produced by Stanley Field, radio information specialist, with
the assistance of the Clarkson public relations department.
Campus Activities.
Clarkson held three Commencements: on February 22 for 84 graduates,
June 20 for 136, and October 10 for 145, all but 21 of whom were veterans. In September, the
Clarkson Pension Trust became effective to provide retirement income for faculty and staff.
New Laboratory Building.
Work began in mid-April for the three-story laboratory building of
brick and Potsdam sandstone located on the southeast corner of the campus. The third floor was
to house the library and make possible for the first time the consolidation of all department
libraries with the main library. When finished, this addition to the campus was named Peyton
New Hockey Coach
. During World War II, sports suffered at Clarkson as they did throughout
the country. In 1944, for example, the hockey team's record was 0-7. Then, in 1948, William
Harrison came to Clarkson as an instructor in civil engineering and assistant football coach, and
was appointed head hockey coach in December 1948, replacing Jack Roos.
A 1943 graduate of Dartmouth, Harrison had been one of the finest hockey players ever
to skate for Dartmouth. As the playmaker of his line, he and his teammates set scoring records
that lasted over 10 years. The 1942 and 1943 teams of which Bill was a member set a record 33
wins without a defeat; and in his only game against Clarkson, Bill scored five goals.
In his 10 years as Clarkson's coach, Harrison led the team to a series of peaks of
prominence in the hockey world in 1955-56, 1956-57, and 1957-58. In 1955-56, the team
posted a phenomenal 21-0 record and were Tri-State champions; in 1956-57, Clarkson placed
third in the NCAA tournament in Colorado, and the 1957-58 squad placed third again at the
NCAA tournament in Minnesota and were Tri-State champions. Harrison turned over the
coaching duties to Len Ceglarski in 1958. (See 1956)
Strange Score.
Les Dye's varsity football team opened the 1948 season with a questionable
victory over Champlain College, Plattsburgh; its final score was 1-0. After a sluggish first half,
Champlain led 13-0. The second half began with Clarkson scoring on a 93-yard kick-off return
by Ed Koen, but the extra point attempt failed. In the third period, Koen again scored, but this
time the extra point was made to tie the score.
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