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After the students embedded the poles for the tow, the College installed a three-speed
electric motor to run it. This tow was operated daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. whenever ski
conditions permitted. The students also built a three-meter jump, tower, and take off which had
two starting levels permitting beginners to jump without fear of being injured seriously. Nearby
was a warmup hut also set up by the members of the Outing Club by installing an old stove and
benches in the renovated old Radio Club shack behind Woodstock Lodge.
Menu Cover.
Diners ordering meals on the New York Central Railroad were surprised to see a
sketch of Clarkson's Old Main on the current day's menu during the fall months. On the back of
the menu were two pen-and-ink sketches by Vernon Howe Bailey, internationally famous
architectural artist: one showing the statue located in front of Old Main, and the other showing
the Malone branch.
This menu was used on the entire New York Central system: 11,000 miles of track in 11
states and Canada from New York, Boston, and Montreal in the east to Detroit, Chicago, St.
Louis, Cincinnati, and Pittsburgh in the west. President Jess Davis was presented with the
original sketch at a dinner at the Arlington Hotel on February 17.
Pi Tau Sigma. Superseding the local organization, Mu Epsilon Pi, the Clarkson chapter of Pi
Tau Sigma, the national mechanical engineering honorary fraternity, was installed on May 19
by the national president and vice president.
Channeling Rivalry. To channel the hitherto destructive rivalry between Clarkson and SLU
students during the weeks before the annual CCT-SLU football game, student governments of
both schools suggested lawn displays depicting the rivalry.
KKT [later Theta Chi] represented the Clarkson team on the famous Humphreymobile
(from the comic strip, "Joe Palooka") riding behind a routed St. Lawrence team.
Karma depicted a dripping Larrie player on one end of a giant pivoted slide rule whose main
function was to dip the player regularly in the proverbial cup of tea. [The Larries were known
colloquially to Clarkson men as the "tea sippers."]
Lambda built a small scale water wheel complete with a piston at the end of which a
boxing glove hit an SLU man on every rotation; it was called "Whoop's" Power House.
Who's Who.
Twenty-two men were selected for the 1950-51 edition of
Who's Who Among
Students in American Universities and Colleges:
Edward A. Ackley, John H. Anson, Donald R. Barbour, A. Bruce Burns,
Thomas J. Gatta, Hans Jungk, George Kopchik, Charles J. Kurner, H. David Lyons,
Robert MacKenzie, George Michie, Charles Mueller, J. Preston Ough Jr., Ronald
Pigliacampi, Foster W. Rennie, Nicholas A. Rossi, George E. Shaver, Joseph Skelton,
Neal R. Sutherland, Wilber N. Taylor, Alfred K.B. Tsang, and Maurice Weingold.
These men had been nominated by members of the faculty and selected by an examining
board composed of Hank Hodge, athletic director; William J. Farrisee, dean of the college; and
Donald W. Boyd Jr., director of public relations. Selection was based on the student's
excellence and sincerity of scholarship, his citizenship and service to the school, his leadership
and participation in extracurricular activities, and his promise of future usefulness to business
and society.
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