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Campus Items.
The Malone branch was discontinued. Tuition was raised to $275 a semester
with $130 for the summer term.
Songs of Clarkson.
A pamphlet published in July 1951 by the Public Relations department
contained eight songs composed after 1948, as a result of a campaign for original college music
started by the Student Board of Governors in 1948, and carried on with the cooperation of the
and Public Relations.
Until the contest, Clarkson had only two usable songs: the
Alma Mater
written in 1906,
and a fight song patterned after Georgia Tech's
Ramblin' Wreck
. One of the eight new songs
was entitled,
The Green and Gold
, written late in 1948 by Carmen F. Bellavia '50 and John J.
Dacey '50. In December 1948, it was played and sung by the US Army Band and Chorus on the
Mutual Network program,
Salute to Clarkson.
A second stanza was added by Donald Boyd, director of Public Relations. Later,
this work was submitted in the 1948-49 Board of Governors contest, but it was
not approved as a substitute for the Alma Mater.
(Key of F)
Oh, Thomas Clarkson, we all praise thee,
Men of CCT,
All Clarkson men with rule and pen
Hail thy memory.
Thy red sandstone means home
Where 'er thy workmen roam.
With pride we hold
Thy banner green and gold.
All men of Clarkson, ever loyal
We do honor thee
Our Alma Mater, noble leader,
In fraternity.
During the 1950-51 College year, in the second part of the campaign by the Board of
Governors and the
to create some original Clarkson songs, other songs were
submitted. Harold C. Jebo, director of housing and director of the College band, submitted two
Fight Ye Sons of Clarkson
The Clarkson Hymn.
Guy Harris and Gerald Delisle '49, students at Potsdam State Teachers College,
On To Victory
, which was adopted by the Board of Governors, and its composers
awarded a prize at a student convocation on March 24, 1949.
Others included
All Hail to Clarkson
written in 1950 by Walter Liszewski '51 with
words by Harold Jebo;
We'll Remember Clarkson
, which Donald Boyd adapted from a national
fraternity song but with his own words; and
March on, Clarkson
, written in 1951 by Alvin D.
Cummings '53.
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