A Clarkson Mosaic - page 246

Dwight Eisenhower was elected president. Schroeder of RCA patented the first tri-color TV
tube. The keel of the Nautilus, first atomic submarine, was dedicated. Nobel prizes went to
Bloch and Purcell for measuring magnetic fields in atomic nuclei and to S. A. Waksman for
discovering streptomycin. After 12 days alone trying to save the badly listing
Flying Enterprise
Captain Henrik Carlsen was forced to abandon his ship when it finally tipped beyond 85
degrees and sank. Queen Elizabeth ascended the British throne after the death of her father
King George VI. New York City put up its first "Don't Walk" signs in Times Square: 22 seconds
for "Walk" and 58 seconds for "Don't Walk." Riding
Hill Gail
, Eddie Arcaro won his
unprecedented fifth Kentucky Derby. Through radiocarbon dating, Prof. W.F. Libby dated
Stonehenge at 1848 BC. The superliner United States set a new world's record of three days, 10
hours, and 40 minutes for crossing the Atlantic at an average speed of 35.95 knots. Emil
Zatopek of Czechoslovakia set a world's marathon record of 2:23.03 at the Helsinki Olympics.
Nixon made his "Checkers" speech. The public was reading Ellison's
The Invisible Man
Old Man and the Sea
, and Steinbeck's
East of Eden
. Hit movies for the year
High Noon
Singin' in the Rain
, and DeMille's Oscar-winning
Greatest Show on
Two Schools Formed
Football Suspended
First DHL
Hockey Record
War Child Adopted
Who’s Who
Paint and SLU
Rifle Team Champs
Registration Figures
Curriculum Revisions
Two Schools Formed
. The Division of Engineering became the School of Engineering
comprising the departments of chemical, civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering,
mathematics, and ROTC, with Dr. Lynn Merrill as its dean. The Division of Business and
Science became the School of Arts, Science, and Business Administration comprising the
departments of business administration, chemistry, liberal studies, physical education, and
physics, with Lowell Herron as its dean. The BS in physics was authorized by the Board.
Football Suspended
. Because of increased expenses, lack of sufficient time after classes and
labs for team practice, and generally inclement weather, the Trustees voted to suspend
intercollegiate football, and to install artificial ice and additional seating in the hockey arena.
. Tuition rose from $275 to $300 a semester, with an additional $12.50 activities fee
added. President Van Note stated that even with this increase, tuition still paid only about 65
percent of the actual educational costs.
. Of the 316 undergraduate degrees granted, 69 were in business
administration, 12 in chemistry, 45 in chemical engineering, 44 in civil engineering, 66 in
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