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electrical engineering, and 80 in mechanical engineering. Graduating in this class was Edward
T. Misiaszek who later returned to Clarkson for a praiseworthy career of service to the College.
First DHL
. Albert Monroe Greenfield received the first Doctor of Humane Letters honorary
degree awarded by Clarkson. He had been chairman of the boards of Bankers Securities
Corporation, City Stores Company, Loft Candy Corporation, and the Bonwit Teller Company.
He was deeply active in such Philadelphia civic affairs as the Chamber of Commerce, National
Shrines Park Commission, vice president of the World Affairs Council and of the United Fund
of the City of Philadelphia.
Hockey Record
. Bill Munro '52 was the only Clarkson hockey player who scored a goal or got
credit for an assist in every game in which he played. His 36 consecutive-game scoring streak
still remains unique in Clarkson's hockey annals.
War Child Adopted
. Bruno Denk, Foster Parent's Plan For War Children Case No. 2636, was
adopted by Lambda Iota fraternity, their second adoptee. This Czechoslovakian war victim, son
of a missing Czech soldier forced into the German army in 1939, ended the war in a DP camp
in 1945. Living in a converted barracks containing only the barest necessities, Bruno and
thousands of others like him were just one step above starvation until he came under the Foster
Parent's Plan in August.
This Plan provided him and his mother with regular issues of food and clothing, needed
medical care, and a small cash grant to help toward his home needs. Monthly contributions
from the fraternity allowed Bruno and his mother to face the future with hope.
Who's Who
. Fifteen seniors were included in the 1952-53 edition of
Who's Who Among
Students in American Universities and Colleges
Joseph V. Berent, Richard E. Bloodgood, Donald C. Clark, Richard J. Dalphin,
William E. Davies, Jerry M. Donohue, Alexander V. Hamilton, Patrick Kotary,
James McHarg II, Richard R. Perkins, William G. Shafer, Harold Ward, Harold
Weil, Daniel Westbrook, and Stanley Wawrzaszek.
Paint and SLU
. As the Clarkson-SLU football game approached, a few enterprising Clarkson
students thought to decorate the Larry campus one dark night. Armed with green paint and a lot
of ambition, they crept around the midnight campus in Canton looking for appropriate targets of
One such knave was Richard Fox, ex-infantry lieutenant and football back. Finding an
appropriately undecorated piece of pavement, he began to apply BEAT SLU in large letters. He
had gotten only to the L when he looked up into a circle of unfamiliar and decidedly unfriendly
faces. Dropping his brush, he threw the paint in a wide arc, dousing every Saint in the vicinity.
Then he threw a hefty right punch, decking the nearest menacing Larry student, and raced off.
He was never caught.
Rifle Team Champs
. Although both finished the match with equal scores of 1,384, Clarkson
topped Penn State for the Shoulder-to-Shoulder Rifle Championship in the Buffalo Section by
their one-point margin in the difficult standing-position firing. Not even mentioned in the pre-
tourney notices, the Golden Knights pulled this major upset of the year.
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