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organizations accounted for their funds through the college business office. By this means, the
Council was able to allocate equitably the various funds made available by the College
Initially this Council was composed of faculty, administration, and students. From the
faculty: Prof. Henry Hodge (Athletics), Prof. William Lowe (Liberal Studies), Prof. Robert
John McGill (Liberal Studies), Prof. George Maclean (Mechanical Engineering), Mr. Robert
Sturdevant (Business Office), and Miss Betty Baderman (Public Relations). From the students:
Robert Leidig, Richard Hauck, Richard Dow, Richard Kenyon, Vincent Doria, and Russell
Banta. Dean of Students Phillip Price was member ex-officio and Prof. Gordon Lindsey served
as chairman without vote.
Integrator Ramblings
Theta Chi fraternity composite this year depicted every member
wearing the same coat and tie.
Saturday, November 7, 1953, saw the first combination of a class activity held by
Clarkson and State Teachers College in the form of the Sophomore Harvest Ball. "No
box office records were shattered, nor have the class treasuries of each school taken on
the appearance of Fort Knox, but the dance, with all factors considered, was a big
success. This event, and the Junior Prom, could and probably will bring about a great
change in the social life on Potsdam's campuses which have been sorely lacking in the
"Most senior engineers taking interviews are not asking any less than $375 per month
and one of the most common figures heard around the Placement Office is $400."
Tuition rose to $525 per semester.
New Faculty
. Alpheus George ["A. George"] Davis joined the faculty of the Department of
Mathematics from the University of Massachusetts where he had taught following his master's
degree at Harvard in 1948. He went on to serve as chairman of the mathematics department,
Dean of Student Affairs, and Associate Dean of Science before retiring in 1993. (See 1993)
Harry W. Paige joined the Liberal Studies faculty. He left in 1960 for six years, but
returned to serve for 22 more years before he retired in 1988. He was the author of over a dozen
novels about the American west.
John Ronald Frazer '45 returned as an assistant professor of business administration
from a position of assistant professor of industrial engineering at Iowa State College. He went
on to serve as chairman of business administration, and then dean of the School of Business
Administration before his retirement in 1989.
New Basketball Record
. Dick Pierce, veteran forward, led the team to a 87-54 victory over
McGill of Montreal by scoring 12 field goals and nine free throws to set a new Clarkson
scoring record (33) for an individual game. He topped the previous record set in 1950 when
Herb Jahn had scored 32 points against St. Lawrence.
In 1953, the theme of the twenty-third Carnival was "Pedatec's Snowland
Splendor," the winning idea from William Alexander, a Potsdam State graduate student.
Forming the name Pedatec from
which he claimed appropriately enough meant "teacher"
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