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from Clarkson's nickname, "Tech," Alexander created a mythical God
of Winter festivities who had been keeping a watchful eye on the Carnival activities
through the years.
King Tony Scibilia and Queen Anna Vaccaro reigned over the first Ice Carnival Parade
since 1931. Highlighting the festivities that year were the Minto Follies of 1953, and the dance
at which trophies were awarded to Sigma Delta and Alpha Delta for best statues.
"Whoop" Snively Left
. With no team to coach, football coach A. Barr "Whoop" Snively left
Clarkson's coaching staff to become the head lacrosse coach and assistant football coach at the
University of New Hampshire. Coming to Clarkson in 1949 to succeed Lester Dye, who
resigned to become freshman coach at Syracuse University, Snively had been an All-American
at Princeton. Walter Camp had chosen him for three years as an All-American passer.
He had coached at Brown, Williams, and Maine before being elected as the president of
the Northeastern Lacrosse Association, the position he left to come to Clarkson. During the war
he served as a Red Cross Field Director with the 20th Infantry, 6th Division.
Alpha Phi Omega
. Plans were drawn up in spring 1953 for Alpha Phi Omega, the national
service fraternity open to past and present Boy Scouts of America to establish a chapter on
Lynn Merrill Left
. Lynn left Clarkson to become professor and head of the mathematics
department at Stevens Institute in Hoboken, New Jersey. Coming to Clarkson in 1948 as
professor of mathematics and director of graduate study, Lynn was named chairman of the
mathematics department in 1949 and dean of the School of Engineering in 1952.
He had graduated from Clarkson in 1924 with a bachelor's degree in electrical
engineering and in 1927 with a master of science degree. He stayed on for two years to teach
math, and left to join General Electric. After receiving his second master's in electrical
engineering in 1932, he joined the faculty at RPI where he received his PhD in 1936. He joined
Stromberg-Carlson Company in 1944 as a consulting mathematician.
Omega Epsilon
. Omega Epsilon became Clarkson's sixth fraternity when the COSO approved
its constitution on May 25, 1953. It had grown to 25 interested students from a group of four
who had expressed a desire to start a new Greek organization on campus: Jaimie Madiero, Jim
Sawyer, Fred Goebel, and Charles Lapham. They chose gray and blue as its colors.
First Soccer Game
. Coach Jack Hantz fielded his first soccer team against Oswego State on
Saturday, October 24. Final score: 1-1. Hired as director of intramural sports, Hantz worked to
field a soccer team a club sport. He held workouts every afternoon for anyone interested. This
team was made up mostly of the leaders in the intramural soccer league. The idea of the team
caught on, and in time, soccer became a well-recognized sport on the Clarkson campus.
Angie Ely
. Angie Ely, secretary to Dean Farrisee, dean of students, was elevated to assistant to
the dean of students. She had come to Clarkson first in 1945 as secretary to Dean Farrisee, then
the alumni executive secretary. In that capacity, she served as associate editor and editor
successively of the
Clarkson Tech Alumnus
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