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On her departure from that office to accompany Farrisee to his new dean's position, the
Alumni Association presented her with an honorary membership in the organization.
Who's Who
. After a close vote, the Board of Governors dropped the submission of
names to the nationwide publication,
Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and
. Students formerly had been chosen by a faculty committee which the Board decided
was unsatisfactory, for the Board felt it was most difficult for the faculty to be familiar enough
with the students to make appropriate selection. The Board, however, was unable to come up
with a more suitable solution.
Additionally, as far as honoring students was concerned, the Board felt that the students
formerly selected were the same ones being honored by such organizations as Phalanx, Tau
Beta Pi, and the various professional honorary societies. The Board claimed that its
investigation revealed no real benefit had come from a student's name being placed in
A few years later, the student government reversed itself and resumed the nominations.
A Clarkson Mosaic
, however, does not include every listing throughout the years.
Snell Hall Purchased
. In January, the St. Lawrence Academy, which owned the rights to the
Potsdam State Teachers College buildings, sold them to Clarkson for $150,000. Almost a
century before, on October 9, 1867, the Academy had leased these grounds and buildings to the
state for as long as the college was used for teacher training. Then, in 1945, after Bertrand Snell
gave Clarkson the money ($150,000) for the purchase of the building, all rights to the property
were sold by quit-claim deed to Clarkson for $1, and the College then bought the state's interest
in the land with the Snell money.
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