A Clarkson Mosaic - page 257

McHugh, Dean.
Edward McHugh was appointed dean of engineering following the departure
of Lynn Merrill to join the staff of Stevens Institute of Technology in New Jersey.
No Overnights.
After the Intercollege Committee formed by Presidents Van Note and Crumb
of Clarkson and State could not come to a decision, Ruth Warfel, associate dean of students at
State, decided that student groups could not hold overnight parties at off-campus locations, nor
be granted permission to remain overnight at parties off campus. She announced further that
students attending out-of-town parties had to be back in the dormitories by 2:30 a.m. This
revoked a previous rule which allowed students to attend Clarkson's fraternity fall and spring
house parties usually held out of town, and return to campus after the parties ended at 1:00 a.m.
Basketball Record.
With his final scoring total of 339 points on 110 field goals and 119 free
throws in 16 games for an average 21.1 points per game, junior basketball guard Dick Pierce
surpassed the previous Clarkson scoring records to become the all-time scorer. Coach Hank
Hodge commented that his outside shot was one of the best he had ever seen: 75 percent being
made from 25-30 feet out. His record surpassed those of Cliff Flower for the 1935 season,
Frank Costello for 1939, Gerry Navarro for 1943, Herb Jahn for 1951, and Lee Colavito
for 1952.
Missing Students.
By 11 p.m. on April 14, when Lyle LaPlante and Milt Dries, chemical
engineering juniors, had not returned from their afternoon canoe ride to "shoot the rapids"
below Sugar Island Dam, Ron Ballard, Lyle's roommate notified village police. After
determining the general area in which to search, the police sounded the village's general
emergency alarm at 12:45 a.m.
About 150 townspeople and students began to search the two-mile stretch below the
dam. Some combed the river banks; others manned boats to search the water. Floodlights lit up
the two dams in the village as students "stood watch." Harry Van Ness, proprietor of the
Sunshine Hardware store, supplied flashlights and batteries. Bud Kennedy, manager of Lewis
House luncheon counter, served coffee and later breakfast to the searchers. ROTC Walkie-
talkies linked the searchers. Dean Lindsey cancelled morning classes so more students could
aid in the search.
Underestimating the turbulence of the water, the two shivering students wisely had
clung to their canoe when it capsized and were swept downstream. Managing to grab some
overhanging branches, they pulled themselves to shore. After they had exhausted all their
efforts to escape from their predicament, they constructed a small lean-to of small logs and pine
boughs to await dawn and rescue. Found shortly after dawn on the west bank of the river, the
two were taken to the hospital where they were determined to be in good shape.
." Prof. Harry Paige directed the Dramatechers in a fall production of this dramatic
comedy set in a German prisoner of war camp at Christmas 1944. Dick Dorf played Price;
Barry Trevor, Sefton; and Prof. Robert Kirkwood, the Geneva man.
Hockey Hat Tricks.
In a game against Michigan State on November 27, each of three hockey
players: Ed Rowe, Jack Porter, and Don Williamson, scored hat tricks to lead the team to a 10-5
victory. Rowe led the team with four goals and three assists. Williamson, flanking Rowe on the
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