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AIChE, he served as national vice president of Omega Chi Epsilon, national honorary chemical
engineering fraternity.
Hodge & Lindsey: Phalanx
. Henry R. Hodge, director of athletics, and F. Gordon Lindsey,
director of students activities, were tapped into Phalanx on Moving-Up Day in May. Also
honored by the senior class who dedicated their yearbook to him, Hodge had completed 26
years of service to Clarkson. Their yearbook dedication reads in part:
In dedicating the 1956 Clarksonian, we find there is one man whose direction and guidance in
the field of athletics here at Clarkson has set a precedent which is not likely to be exceeded ... . Coach
Henry R. Hodge has devoted himself to developing a superior athletic program which he has superbly
accomplished ... . There is no doubt in our minds in dedicating this yearbook that Mr. Hodge, in his
many years of amiable and constructive guidance of Clarkson's athletic program, has proved to be an
invaluable asset to the students and the college.
New Faculty
. Among the 31 new faculty and staff in the fall were Robert Cole '54 in ChE;
Robert Wyant, associate professor in EE; Richard Sanford, also in EE; Richard Miller in
mathematics; and Edward Kear, Jr., in ME.
Radio Problem
. Eight years after it was founded, radio station WNTC in Snell Hall 350 was
broadcasting from a 100-watt transmitter, using an antenna on Snell Hall roof.
Legend has it that the antenna fell across Snell Hall's copper roof, causing WNTC's
normally weak signal to be heard as far away as Syracuse. A Federal Communications
Commissioner in Malone reportedly broke all speed records racing to Potsdam to unearth the
source of the signal. It took the station personnel over half an hour to calm the agent, but not
enough for him to allow them to continue to operate; he closed down the station for the
remainder of the year. By 1957, it was back in operation broadcasting from its main studio in
Snell 350 after the antenna mounting had been repaired securely.
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