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Russia launched Sputnik, the first man-made satellite, into orbit around the earth. Three Air
Force Stratofortresses circled the globe in 45 hours at an average speed of 500 mph.
Humphrey Bogart died at age 57 and Arturo Toscanini at age 90. Ted Williams became the
highest paid baseball player with a salary of $100,000. The countries of Western Europe signed
a treaty establishing the European Common Market. Health experts reported that cigarette
smoking causes lung cancer. Sugar Ray Robinson regained the middleweight boxing title for
the fourth time. Leonard Bernstein was named musical director of the New York Philharmonic
Orchestra. The Brooklyn Dodgers moved to Los Angeles and the New York Giants to San
Francisco. Gauguin's
Still Life With Apples
painting sold for a record $225,000, the highest
ever paid for modern art. The largest crowd in its history, 100,000 people, crowded into Yankee
Stadium to hear Rev. Billy Graham. After Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus called out the state
militia to prevent nine negroes from enrolling in a white high school in Little Rock, President
Eisenhower threatened to use whatever force needed to enforce the desegregation law. After 85
years of publication, the
Woman's Home Companion
magazine folded. The public read Dr.
The Cat in the Hat
, Ayn Rand's
Atlas Shrugged
, and Nevil Shute's
On the Beach
. Alec
Guiness won an Oscar for
Bridge on the River Kwai
. Pulitzer prizes were awarded to John F.
Kennedy for
Profiles in Courage
and Eugene O'Neill for
Long Day's Journey Into Night
• Snell Hall
• Hockey All-Americans
• New BS Degrees
• Clarkson at Colorado
• New Board Chairman
• Arena Bell
• NSF Summer Institute
• Doctorate Programs
• Fraternity News
• New Student Government
• Student Killed
• New Faculty
• Mathematics Major
• Music on Campus
Snell Hall.
In 1957, Clarkson acquired the title to Snell Hall, achieving full occupancy by the
fall of 1958.
New BS Degrees.
At Commencement, the first BS degrees in Physics were awarded. Fall
registration reached 1,481.
New Board Chairman.
After succeeding Lewis Sillcox as the chairman of the Board of
Trustees, Luther Olsen announced the start of the Greater Clarkson Fund, an effort to raise
$2,800,000 for the expansion and improvement of the physical plant. Bertrand Snell was
appointed chairman and Robert L. Clarkson, Sr., vice chairman of this fund drive, launched in
anticipation of predicted long-term enrollment increases.
This projected expansion was the next step in the systematic redevelopment of the
campus which over the past 10 years had seen 16 buildings constructed or acquired at a cost of
over $4 million. The space was required due to the surge of post-war enrollments. This new
Fund would provide the construction of a new chemistry and engineering laboratory building,
renovation of the newly acquired Snell Hall, enlargement of the arena, improvement of the hill
campus grounds, and the purchase of new laboratory equipment.
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