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and during intermissions. Someone found a plastic suit painted gold which worked much better,
and the metal armor was retired from active duty. It currently stands on display in Rowley
Lounge of Woodstock Lodge. An article describing its history appeared in the
magazine (XV, October 1959).
Fall tuition was set at $1,100 for engineering, $975 for chemistry, physics, and
industrial distribution, and $825 for business administration.
Alumni Office.
The Alumni Office was incorporated into the College administration, and F.
William Fiesinger '37 was invited to become its first director.
Mabee's Book on Seaway.
Carleton Mabee, professor of Liberal Studies since 1949, published
a history of the St. Lawrence Seaway. To add credence to his book, Mabee obtained copies of
correspondence of former Governor Henry Allen of Kansas on the promotion of the Seaway.
Allen had been a leading promoter of the Seaway from 1929 until 1939. During that time he
was president of the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Tidewater Association, an official agency of 23
states and the chief American organization working for the Seaway.
Lambda Iota Petitioned DU.
On March 26, 1959, Lambda Iota fraternity was granted
permission to petition the Delta Upsilon general fraternity formally for a chapter charter. That
charter was granted and Lambda became DU on March 18, 1961.
Petition Day.
On April 15, the Clarkson Petition Day brought out 265 students who signed a
petition to President Eisenhower urging racial integration in United States public schools. This
activity was held in coordination with the Youth March for Integrated Schools which had been
endorsed by the United States National Student Association, of which Clarkson is a member
Four Clarkson students went to Washington, D.C., to speak to the president during the
Youth March on April 18. The remainder of Clarkson students who participated in the campus
petition campaign signed a so-called "anti-petition," which showed that they had an interest in
this national problem but did not wish to sign the Youth March petition for any number of
Charity Hop.
On Saturday, December 5, the IFC sponsored a Charity Hop to raise money for
Potsdam's underprivileged children. Enhanced by the music of the DK Combo from State, the
Hop raised $675 for this worthy cause. Sigma Delta won the trophy for the fraternity which
sold the most tickets by averaging 5.075 tickets per member.
Technical Paper Prize.
Two EE seniors, Donald M. Davies and Raymond L. Allen,
coauthored a paper which won the $50 first prize in the student paper contest of the Empire
District of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Presented at the district meeting in
Syracuse on April 30, their paper,
A Transistorized Pulse Monitor
, became eligible for the
AIEE's student paper prize of $100 and a certificate.
Tree-planting Tradition.
At a ceremony in front of Hill Residence on May 6, James Joseph,
president of the Class of 1962, planted a tree in the hope that succeeding classes would keep
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