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Alfred MacKay, EE, to talk about the Edison Multiphase High-Tension Transmission Plant in Brooklyn
Entrance Requirements.
Examinations in all subjects required for admission to the School
were held in Potsdam only, twice a year – in June at the end of the spring term, and in
September at the beginning of the fall term. Covered in these examinations were questions on
English literature, geography, physiology and hygience, history, plane geometry, solid and
spherical geometry, higher algebra, and either French or German. The history and mathematics
requirements were the same as those required for admission to Columbia, Harvard, Princeton,
Yale, Pennsylvania, and Cornell.
Shop Work.
To justify requiring shop work for all students, the School catalogue explained:
In order that the engineer be able to use all the resources at his command, it is necessary for him to be
familiar with the labors and duties of the artisan upon whom he must depend for the detailed execution of his
plans. For this reason, the engineering schools have added to their equipment workshops were the students are
taught the practical use, care, and construction of machinery
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