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made by one or more members of the Alumni Association in writing to the alumni director in
Potsdam. A list of the winners of this prestigious College award is to be found in Appendix IV.
Faculty Fellowships.
Four Clarkson faculty were selected by the National Science Foundation
to pursue advanced study. The recipients were Robert D. Leidig, instructor in mathematics;
Richard A. Kenyon, assistant professor of mechanical engineering; John H. McMillan, assistant
professor of civil engineering; and Richard J. Miller, assistant professor of mathematics.
Leidig, a 1954 Clarkson EE graduate who taught in the mathematics department since
1957, was awarded an NSF grant for 12 month's study at the University of Michigan, beginning
in September 1962. Kenyon, a 1954 Clarkson ME graduate who returned to Clarkson to teach
in 1956, enrolled at Syracuse University in June 1962 to major in fluid mechanics and
thermodynamics and work toward completion of his PhD requirements.
McMillan, a Clarkson graduate with both a bachelor's (1952) and master's degree (1954)
in civil engineering, and who taught at Clarkson since 1956, was awarded a 15-month NSF
grant which he used to study the field of structural analysis and design at Oklahoma State
University, Stillwater, Okla. Miller, with degrees from Hamilton College, University of
Washington, and Syracuse University, joined the Clarkson faculty in 1956; he began his 12-
month NSF grant at Syracuse University in June to complete course work for his PhD in
The 1961-62 hockey team compiled an impressive 23-3-1 record under Coach Len
Ceglarski. That record earned the Golden Knights an invitation to the first tournament held by
the newly-formed Eastern Collegiate Athletic Conference, where they placed second to St.
Lawrence, and to the NCAA tournament where they were runner-up to Michigan Tech. (See
AGO Auction.
February saw white blazers and black dresses at Lewis House as the AGO
sorority from State held its annual auction of their services. Clarkson men crowded the room to
place their bids for pairs of the AGO women to mend their clothes, iron their shirts, and wait on
tables for them. Despite the noisy competition, the auctioneers kept order, especially when
favorite women of rival fraternities just happened to be paired together.
The results of the auction were as follows: Alpha Chi Rho 1, Pi Kappa Phi 5, Sigma
Delta 2, Delta Upsilon 4, Theta Chi 4, OPiO 1, Theta Xi 1, Phi Delta 1, Zeta Nu 6, Alpha Zeta
1, Independents 5.
Wrestlers Undefeated.
Amassing a 10-0 record, Coach Jack Hantz's wrestling team completed
its first undefeated season. Joe Trimboli, wrestling in the 123-pound group, compiled a 10-0
record to lead the Knights. In the 177-pound class, Ron Parrot also went 10-0. Ed Fay, who
wrestled at 137 for his first six bouts and then at 147 for his last four, also went undefeated 10-
0; he and John Babcock each had six pins. Babcock had a record of 9-1. Mike Rose in the 147
pound class had a 6-1 record with five pins; Ron Danielson in the 167-pound class finished
with an 8-2 record; and Dick Ernest broke even with his record of 5-5. Rounding out the team
were Gerry Goldschein in the 130-pound class, and Howie Goldstein who finished the year in
the 137-pound class.
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