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and Cornell 7-0 before they journeyed to the ECAC Holiday Tournament in Madison Square
Garden on December 19 and 20, 1963. There they defeated Brown 5-1 and Boston College 9-3;
Corby Adams was selected the most valuable player. The victories continued as the Knights
defeated Princeton 13-3 and BC 4-3 before St. Lawrence marred the undefeated record with a
2-2 tie in overtime. The team continued its winning ways with a rousing defeat of UNH 14-2,
before the Knights hit Boston. There BU and BC became the first teams to score more than
three goals against Clarkson, and they did it with a vengeance, BC winning 4-1 and BU 3-1.
The rest of the season was an up and down series of encounters, beating the Montegards
4-2, RPI 13-3, Harvard 4-3, BU 3-1, RPI again 3-2, but losing to Colgate 1-4, Providence 4-6,
and SLU 2-5. Journeying to the ECAC Tournament, the Knights defeated Harvard 6-4, but fell
to Providence again 2-6 and to RPI 2-7, to end the season for the high scoring tri-captains,
Brian Wilkinson, Roger Purdie, and Corby Adams.
Karma, Again
. In a major dispute with its national organization over the initiation of a Jew
into full membership, the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi debated long over what action they should
take. Feeling that they wanted no part of any national organization that practiced discrimination
so blatantly, the brothers elected to dissolve their association with Pi Kappa Phi, and to return
to their original name Karma as a local fraternity. To celebrate that event, the brothers of Karma
put on a memorable "grogs" for the brothers and the campus community.
Their band, the PhiK Band, instantly changed its name and became the Karma Kats to
provide spirited encouragement at hockey games.
Faculty Tenure
. In response to a request from President Whitson for the faculty to draft a
policy on tenure, an
ad hoc
committee composed of John Perry (MA) chairman, William Lowe
(LS), W. Nye Smith (BA), and Ed Misiaszek (CE) drafted a policy for consideration by the
entire faculty before it was presented to the College administration and Trustees.
Among its provisions were the following, which echoed the policy recommended by the
American Association of University Professors (AAUP). It "grandfathered" into tenure those
faculty teaching at Clarkson when the policy was approved by the Board of Trustees and
officially went into effect.
Tenure is a term used to denote that the holder is assured, except in case of retirement for age,
extraordinary financial exigency of the College, or discontinuance of a field of activity, that his/her
service shall be terminated only for adequate cause. It applies to academic appointments, not to
administrative or research posts; however, tenure in rank shall not be affected by appointment to such a
Tenure will be automatically granted to associate professors who have served three
years as full-time faculty members at Clarkson unless at least one calendar year's notice of
termination of appointment has been given.
Tenure will automatically be granted to (full) Professors who have served two years as
full-time faculty members at Clarkson ... . All recommendations for tenure, including those
which are exceptions to the above policy, must be reviewed by the Tenure Committee and the
Committee shall make a recommendation to the President.
All other appointments will be for a period of one year, and notice of renewal shall be
given no later than March 15 of the year in which the appointment terminates, except that, after
four years of service, a notice of one calendar year shall be given.
Except for faculty members whose service at Clarkson commenced prior to July 1,
1964, service without tenure will ordinarily be limited to eight years. After seven year's service,
written notice will be given as to when the promotion leading to tenure will be granted or the
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