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"B.E.T. Theory" in association with Dr. P.H. Emmett and Dr. Edward Teller. He retired in
His wife, Dalma, taught Liberal Studies, and in 1975 became the first woman full
professor at Clarkson.
College Bowl.
On Sunday evening, April 11, Clarkson's team appeared on the General Electric
College Bowl television show. Coached by Prof. Donald Falkenberg, ME department, and
assisted by Ellsworth Vines '65 as student chairman, the team was helped by faculty experts
from all departments who served as experts in their own fields. Winning teams on the show
received $1,500 in scholarship money for the College; losing teams got $500.
From the 120 students who took the test for a seat on the team, only 41 qualified as
semifinalists; the final candidates chosen were: Richard Beiter, Calvin Bruce, David Busch,
Richard Corson, Allan Haukland, Tom Jenks, Steven Lutwin, William Price, Gary Salt, and
Gary Simons. Divided into two teams, these students fought each other for the right to compete
against a faculty team. The five finally chosen to represent the College were Richard Corson
'65, Physics; Steven Lutwin '65, ChE; Gary Salt '67, LS; Gary Simons '67, CM; and Thomas
Jenks '66, CM, alternate.
In the practice game against a faculty team of Prof. Marvin Edwards, LS; Prof. Brad
Broughton, LS; Prof. Mark Levinson, ME; and Prof. Gilbert Goodgion, BA, the faculty won
235-215. Regrettably, the Clarkson team also was defeated by the team from Wilson College on
the television program.
Rifle Team Undefeated.
Closing the season with victories over St. Bonaventure and Alfred,
Clarkson's rifle team's 14-0 record maintained its 22-game victory streak for two years.
Dormitory Fire.
A spectacular fire erupted in the dining room section of the new dormitory
under construction at 6:00 p.m. on February 17. Believed to have been caused by a defective
Salamander heater, the fire was fought by Potsdam Fire Department with assistance from the
Norwood Fire Department. Hampered by long lines to the nearest hydrants, and low pressure in
the lines, the firemen were helped considerably to bring the blaze under control in 30 minutes
with the able assistance of hundreds of Clarkson students. Heat from the blaze built pressure up
in 12 propane tanks stored in the area, but they did not explode because each had a special
safety valve which opened to release the gas and let the gas burn itself out.
Assessments of the damage revealed that only a few steel I-beams and 200-cubic feet of
concrete had to be replaced.
Soccer Team.
Scoring 29 goals in its first five games of the 1965 season, the Clarkson soccer
team defeated Colgate 5-1, Hamilton 4-0, Hobart 5-2, Alfred 6-0, and St. Lawrence 2-0 twice in
the season, holding their opponents to only four goals. They lost to Hartwick 2-4, defeated Le
Moyne 9-1, and lost to Rochester 0-3, and RPI 1-3. They ended the season with a 7-4 record,
second in the six-school ICAC.
Alcoa Professorship.
With a grant of $90,000 from the Alcoa Foundation, Clarkson
established a professorship in engineering. The relationship between Clarkson and Alcoa has
been strong over the years, for many of Alcoa's Massena personnel have taken advantage of
Clarkson's program of evening study leading to an advanced degree in industrial engineering.
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