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Class Average
Fraternity Membership.
Even though the enrollment at the College had grown from 1,625 to
2,224 over the past three years, the membership in fraternities remained the same, lowering the
fraternity percentage from 32% to 23%. Membership in fraternities in 1963 stood at 517, the
same figure as in 1965.
IM Doctorate.
Designed specifically for graduates in engineering and science, a doctorate in
industrial management began in fall 1965. To amass the 30 hours required, students took four
three-hour courses each semester followed by a six-hour thesis during the summer. Thus, the
degree could be achieved in one calendar year.
Because its focus was on operations research, this program required considerable use of
the computer, and drew heavily on Clarkson's IBM 1620. Included in the subjects offered were
industrial organization, production management, marketing management, financial
management, cost analysis, and human relations, The entire program was integrated by using
the management simulation facility on the third floor of Snell Hall.
"Six-Gun Snowdown."
Starting at sundown on Thursday, February 19, the Old West was
revived in Potsdam's 1965 Ice Carnival. The first "Snowdown" saw Reynolds House, Delta
Upsilon, Van Housen Hall, and Ago sorority capture the skating competitions. Ginny Heaton
and Richard Stopa were crowned the Clarkson Queen and State King as the first royalty to
reign for the first two days of the Carnival. Immediately following the skating events, the Hill
dormitory cafeterias were the scenes of two western hoedowns.
They were followed on Friday by action again in the Arena when the Minto Club of
Ottawa provided an evening of skating entertainment. Afterward, audience members adjourned
to their respective dormitory and fraternity "roundups."
Saturday saw three athletic contests between Clarkson and State: basketball, wrestling,
and hockey games in the afternoon. Following cocktail parties at fraternity "saloons," the Ice
Carnival Ball with the theme "The End of the Trail" was held in the Alumni gym where
students danced to the music of Dick Madison and his orchestra. Ed Resavage and Cheryl
Haefele ruled as the second set of royalty when they were crowned Clarkson King and State
Queen. The long weekend was brought to an end at a Sunday afternoon concert by Maynard
Ferguson and his orchestra, and the songs of the Four Preps.
Clarkson students considered seriously duplicating an idea created by St. Lawrence
students-Men's Economic Recovery Program (MERP). This program involved a reversal of
traditional roles. Under MERP, a woman asked a man to join her for a weekend of fun with all
expenses paid for by the woman. The only major obligation for the man was to return the
woman to her home safely each night. In all other respects the woman controlled the events of
the evening.
She was free to take her escort wherever she wished and to do whatever she wished.
Thus, each person got to know some of the problems faced regularly by the other. With
Clarkson 99% male, and State having a high percentage of women, Potsdam seemed an
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