A Clarkson Mosaic - page 315

excellent place to begin MERP. Unfortunately, no records survived to reveal the results of any
experiments with this new idea.
Expensive Weekend.
For a young untenured Clarkson liberal studies professor, a weekend in
Montreal proved to be the most expensive of his career. Dr. John Doe (not his real name) had
overheard Dr. Donald Stillman, chairman of liberal studies, express deep concern for the health
of Prof. Broughton on a Thursday morning in February. Broughton had a deep hacking cough
and pale, sickly palor. Stillman sent him home for the weekend to recover.
Doe grabbed the idea as one he could use to his advantage. He arrived at work on Friday
morning with a pale complexion equal to Broughton's palor, except his had been created by
carefully applying his wife's face powder to create the sallow look. Stillman quickly sent him
home for bed rest. Doe washed off the powder, and he and his wife immediately left for a
weekend of fun in Montreal.
Unfortunately for him, he was met in the lobby of Montreal's Queen Elizabeth Hotel by
the Stillmans who also had decided to visit Quebec that Saturday. Doe's contract for 1966-67
was not renewed.
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