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of the liberal arts. Humanities majors took courses in literature, language, music, art, and
philosophy; Social Sciences majors took courses in history, political science, sociology,
economics, and psychology.
This division also affected the four-semester liberal studies sequence-LS51, 52, 53, and
54-required of all students. It was replaced by a two-semester History of Western Civilization
and Humanities 51 and 52. Where Homer's
and Plato's
used to take five
classes to cover, they were covered in only two classes each in the new course. Those elements
of history, philosophy, and psychology formerly covered in the L.S. sequence were reshuffled
into the two-semester Social Sciences Western Civilization courses.
Clarkson's Golden Knights scored 86 goals in its first 12 games of a 23-game
schedule, defeating Loyola 8-2; Laval 7-5; Michigan State 6-3; Queens 9-3; Ottawa 8-1;
Cornell 2-1; Harvard 4-2; Yale 6-3; Carleton 11-2; SLU 6-4; Boston College 5-0; Ottawa 14-3.
Later scores included splitting with Denver 5-4 and 3-8, defeating McMaster 4-1, splitting with
Colgate 5-4 and 3-5; defeating RPI 7-3, Boston University 6-3, Providence 4-1, St. Lawrence
twice 6-4 and 3-1, and RPI a second time 16-1, to end the regular season with a 19-2 record,
and the overall season 24-3.
They went on to win the ECAC tournament by defeating Colgate 5-2, Brown 2-1, and
Cornell 6-2, and entered the NCAA national championship finals in Minneapolis, Minn., by
beating pretournament favorite Denver 4-3. However, Clarkson lost in the championship to a
fired-up Michigan State team 6-1.
Three Clarkson players were placed on the ECAC All-Star Team: Tom Hurley, Harry
Dunn, and Terry Yurkiewicz, who also received the .b2 tournament's Most Valuable Player
award, and later was chosen as the Eastern All-American goalie. Len Ceglarski was chosen
"Coach of the Year" by the United Press.
New Dormitories.
Originally built by John C. Clarkson in 1821-22, Holcroft House was
remodeled for a women's dormitory.
Additionally, Woodstock Village, a new 100-unit student housing development
reminiscent of hill towns in Switzerland and Bavaria, was completed. This $1,000,000
development was located on the southern hillside near the intersection of Clarkson Avenue and
Bagdad Road overlooking the Raquette River. Designed primarily for married students, this
development was adaptable for single as well as married students. It contained 60 two-
bedroom, 30 one-bedroom, and 10 studio apartments. Small groups of buildings containing
eight to 12 apartments each were located on the wooded side of the hill to take advantage of the
natural beauty of the terrain, focusing at the natural bowl on the bottom of the hill. Winding
pathways interlaced the grounds joining each group of buildings, providing easy access to the
Hill campus.
Fall enrollment totaled 2,380, with 2,l9l undergraduates, including 699 freshmen
and 189 graduate students.
New President.
Two months after the resignation of President Whitson became effective on
June 30, the Board of Trustees appointed Dr. John W. Graham, Jr., Dean of the College of
Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Rochester, as Clarkson's eleventh
president. At the same time, Dr. Herman Shulman, former dean of the Graduate School and
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