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director of the Division of Research, was appointed executive vice president. In the interim
between Dr. Whitson's resignation and the appointment of Dr. Graham, Dr. Shulman had served
as acting president.
President Graham had served as Dean of Engineering at Rochester since 1959,
following three years as vice president and professor of civil engineering at The Cooper Union
in New York City. Born in 1915, in Dayton, Ohio, Graham received his bachelor of civil
engineering degree at Ohio State University in 1939, his graduate degree in civil engineering
from Princeton in 1940, and his doctor of science degree from Carnegie Institute of Technology
in 1950. Following his graduation from Ohio State, he worked for the Bethlehem Steel
Corporation. During World War II, he rose from second lieutenant to major in the Corps of
Engineers during four year's service, including 39 months in the European Theatre of
Operations. He was awarded the Bronze Star and was named an honorary member of the Order
of the British Empire.
In 1946, he was named instructor of civil engineering at Carnegie Tech, and later served
as assistant professor. Between 1948 and 1955, he served as assistant dean of Carnegie's
College of Engineering and Science, and then as dean of students for a year before moving to
Cooper Union.
He was president of the Association of Engineering Colleges of New York State, a
fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers, a member of the board of the Engineering
College Research Council, and a member of the American Society for Engineering Education.
Ice Carnival.
Centered around the theme of "Madison Avenue Mania," the 1966 Ice Carnival
promised a fun-filled time for all. The events began Thursday evening with ice skating
competition at 6:00 p.m. in the arena with fraternities, sororities, and non-Greek organizations
skating in six events: men's and women's singles, men's and women's relay, and men's and
women's obstacle races. Following that competition, students adjourned to the Hill cafeteria for
the traditional warm-up dance featuring the "Vibrations" and a square-dance band. Fireworks
brought the evening to a close.
Friday evening's events began with a hockey game against RPI at the Arena, and vic
parties at the fraternity houses. Saturday began at 10:00 a.m. at St. Lawrence's Snow Bowl in
South Colton with skiing events in downhill, slalom, and giant slalom for men, and downhill,
slalom, and cross country for women. Saturday also saw the morning judging of window
paintings in the store windows of downtown Potsdam, and the ice statues adorning many
fraternity, sorority, and dormitory lawns.
On Saturday afternoon at 2:30, the St. Lawrence Skating Club accompanied by several
professional skaters performed in the Ice Show at the Clarkson Arena. Those star skaters
included Gold Medal winners and Eastern Skating Champions such as Honey Kerr, Jill Osborn,
Wynn Miller, and John McLellan and others. With the theme of "Neon Nocturn" depicting the
lights and activity of Madison Avenue Mania, the Ice Carnival Ball in the Clarkson Alumni
gym on Saturday night featured music by the Pastels from 10:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. At midnight,
King Roy Wilson and Queen Carolee Washburn were crowned. A jazz concert by Ian and
Sylvia and the "Bitter End Singers" in the Clarkson gym at 2:00 on Sunday afternoon brought
Ice Carnival 1966 to a close.
Quick Loan Fund.
Created from surpluses of about $4,500 in the class treasuries of previous
classes, the Quick Loan Fund allowed a student to borrow up to $25 for a two-week period, no
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