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Art Show.
Under the auspices of the Culture Committee of the College Union Board, a student
art show was held in May. Twenty-two artists submitted 44 pieces which ranged from classic
oil paintings to woodcuts, watercolor, collages, sculptures, and even photography, in hopes of
winning the $50 first prize.
Although Clarkson students did not win first prize, two, David Busch and Gary
Greinert, won honorable mention: David for a photograph, "Leaves," and Gary for a watercolor,
Donahue Fund Drive.
After Timothy Donahue, assistant director of resident life, was
paralyzed in a swimming accident during the summer months, the Student Council raised over
$530 in a campaign to buy him a color television set.
Dragon Squad.
Under the able leadership of Mark Furtney, the revitalized Dragon Squad
aroused the spirit and unity of the slightly bewildered freshmen without the use of outlawed
Mandatory green socks, an orientation exam on the booklet "The Dragon Speaks," a
police-escorted parade from the gym down to the downtown campus, a uniformed Dragon
Squad, and a Dragon Court were some of the measures described by Furtney and his crew to
the 681 freshmen shortly after their arrival on campus.
In a show of unity in response to those ominous events, the freshmen staged a walkout
at the second "Alma Mater Sing," but they returned the next night, each floor in its own
uniform, ready to proclaim their class spirit and loyalty to Clarkson. That zeal was ably
demonstrated in the greased pig chase, in the Tournament of Vassals, and in the Freshmen
Variety Show held at the end of that busy week.
Arena Repairs.
After many years of hard use, the Arena ice surface was repaired. The old
blacktop was removed, along with the old dasher (puck boards). After the pipes were leveled,
new blacktop was inserted and extensive repairs were made to the ice machinery. The Arena
was remodeled to provide a room for the officials, to install new lockers and showers, to repair
the bleachers, and to provide heat to the offices and dressing rooms. This work was completed
in time for the first game on October 14.
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