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many students with limited means, this often meant the difference between getting an education
or not getting one. Moreover, the Perkins family frequently loaned money to desperate students.
The last surviving member of the Perkins family was Miss Anna, who continued
operating the house until the late thirties when financial difficulties forced her to close her
doors. After that, for a number of years, she worked as a housekeeper for various North
Country families until failing health forced her into a nursing home where she died on
November 14, 1965.
Because of her financial need, and as a partial repayment for what the opportunity to
work at the Perkins House had meant to a lot of Clarkson alumni, one of the former "Perkins'
House boys" began a yearly solicitation in 1945. Just prior to Christmas each year, a mail
appeal was made to all known "Perkins' House alumni," and the money presented to Miss Anna
on the day before Christmas. Always a substantial amount, this gift did much to help her
financially, and to let her know how fondly she was remembered.
Then, during the late '50s, Harrison Bartlett '12 proposed that a scholarship be
established in the name of the Perkins family, and offered to contribute $100 to start it.
However, it was not begun at that time for fear it might siphon much needed money from Miss
Anna. On her death, the fund began with deposits to a special account in the Northern New
York Trust Company; by the fall 1967, it had reached $984.86.
It continues as The Perkins Family Award of $100, given every year at University
Recognition Day (formerly Moving-Up Day, and then Phalanx Day).
Headstart Christmas.
Twelve students from Alpha Kappa Psi and two from State hosted a
Christmas Party for Headstart children in the Presbyterian Church. The $148 solicited from
village shoppers bought presents for over 40 Headstart children; even Santa Claus made an
early visit to the wide-eyed youngsters.
Carnival Royalty.
David Hessler '67 and Andrea Rubach, Potsdam State '67, were elected Ice
Carnival King and Queen, ruling over a carnival with a Grecian theme. Hessler, Alpha Chi
Rho's candidate, was a mechanical engineering senior from Elbridge, N.Y.; a member of Pi Tau
Sigma, ME honorary; president of the senior class; president of Phalanx; and member of the
executive board of CUB.
His campaign for king as "Nedulous" contained a 16 mm film made on campus in the
dead of winter, depicting "King Ned" romping around the frigid campus dressed only in shorts
and a sheet simulating a Grecian toga draped around his shivering body. Somehow, his
campaign managers found a way to have that film shown at the Roxy theater during the regular
commercial film screenings.
First prize in the ice statue contest was awarded to TKE's Trojan horse. Sunday
afternoon concerts featured David della Rosa and the Brooks Trio. Also appearing Sunday
afternoon was comedian Dick Gregory.
Alcoa Professor.
George Maclean '42, professor of mechanical engineering, was appointed as
Alcoa Professor of Mechanical Engineering. That appointment was made possible by a six-
year, $90,000 grant from The Alcoa Foundation.
New Dormitory Planned.
To be erected between Moore House and the other new dormitory, a
sixth residence hall was scheduled to house Clarkson's growing student population. Similar to
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