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Dorm 5, this new structure had modifications that allowed students to go from the bigger TV
lounge on the first floor to the cafeteria on the second without having to go outside. A central
mail room also was included. Its new cafeteria offered Moore House residents a shorter walk to
food than having to trudge to the cafeteria in Dorm 5 or in Ross Brooks. It later was named
Graham Hall.
New Positions.
Edward T. Misiaszek '52 was named as associate dean of engineering, a
position he held while still serving as associate professor of civil engineering. Robert "Soupy"
Campbell '61 was named as freshman hockey coach while holding his position as instructor of
Housing Triples.
A downturn in requests for off-campus housing in town, plus a larger
enrollment than anticipated and the slowness of dormitory construction, forced over 100 of the
returning students into triple rooms. All junior and senior requests to live off campus were
honored, but the number of rooms still remained too few for the dormitories to accommodate
all the students.
Faculty-Dorm Associates.
A new program established to create a better student-faculty and
student-administration relationship was set up by the Residence Life staff. This program
allowed faculty assigned to a dormitory to set up any informal contact with their individual
halls-bull sessions, meals, informal discussion groups.
Faculty associates were to work to establish the proper rapport so thatstudents and
faculty could talk over problems of mutual concern; they were expected to work closely with
the dormitory Resident Advisors. Faculty who volunteered for this program were Profs. A.
George Davis (Hamlin-Powers), Brad Broughton (Moore House), Leonard Groeneveld (Ross-
Brooks), Robert Wyant (Holcroft), and William Harrison (Cubley-Reynolds).
Anti-Vietnam War Rally.
At 6:00 a.m. on Sunday, October 22, a group of students and faculty
gathered in front of Snell Hall carrying posters denouncing America's involvement in Vietnam.
Forming into small discussion groups, these students and faculty talked about peace efforts for
Vietnam, government policies, violence, and demonstrations. As the day progressed, the group
grew, but never exceeded 50. Between 5:00 and 6:00 p.m., interested listeners moved into Snell
Hall Auditorium to listen to speeches from a Vietnamese student at Clarkson, two local
ministers, and two professors, one from St. Lawrence and one from Clarkson. The rally was
completely peaceful.
Hospital Infirmary.
Cooperation between Clarkson, Potsdam State, and the local hospital
established a special patient floor in the Potsdam Hospital for students. Set up like a typical
hospital, the section had two private rooms, five two-bed rooms, and four four-bed rooms, each
with its own lavatory and toilet facilities, and a lounge with a seating capacity of 12 for student
use as a study or visiting area.
This section was intended for those students too sick to remain in their dorm rooms, but
not sick enough to require general hospital care; they were attended by regular hospital nursing
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