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him further following his death by naming its newest academic building the Robert Livingston
Clarkson Hall.
Mr. Clarkson's great-grandfather was a brother of Thomas S. Clarkson. A member of
one of New York City's oldest and most respected families, he headed Chase National Bank,
which after several mergers became the Chase-Manhattan Bank. His appointment as Chase
president aroused considerable comment as he was only 36 years old.
At the time of his death. Mr. Clarkson was chairman of Clarkson Industries in New
York City, which he and his associates organized in 1967, following his retirement as chairman
of the board of Smith, Kirkpatrick, and Company. Previously, he had served as director and
finance committee chairman of American Express Company, and as chairman of American
Express from 1935 to 1960, a period when the company's business spread throughout the world.
He was survived by his son, Dr. Bayard Clarkson, and his widow, Cora, for whom the Science
Center is named.
Dorm 6 Named
. During Alumni weekend, the four wings of Dormitory No. 6 were named:
Donahue, Wilson, Van Note, and Olson. Donahue was named to honor Timothy Donahue of
Norwood, a popular student advisor and director of residence halls from 1958 to 1966. Wilson
honored Dr. Frederick C. Wilson, a Clarkson faculty member for 37 years, chairman of the
Department of Civil Engineering and dean of the School of Engineering until 1952; he died on
November 11, 1968, at age 93. Van Note paid honor to William G. Van Note, ninth president of
Clarkson from 1951 to 1961, who left Clarkson to become president of Monmouth College,
N.J. Olson honored Luther Olson '16, a Trustee for 23 years and Trustee Emeritus.
Three HU Professors Cited.
Dr. Donald G. Stillman, chairman of the Department of
Humanities and professor of literature, along with Professors Bradford Broughton and Harry
W. Paige were selected to be listed in the fifth edition of the
Directory of American Scholars
This work lists scholars who teach at the college or university level, who are recognized editors,
authors, speakers, or leaders in their respective fields, and whose reputation is more than local.
Persons listed have had to attain achievement by reason of experience and training of a stature
equivalent to doctoral work, coupled by continued activity as evidenced by publication of
scholarly works.
NSF Grant to ChE.
With the $590,000 from the National Science Foundation-Clarkson's
largest grant ever-the chemical engineering department enlarged its faculty to stimulate the
development of the doctoral program in Engineering Science in which all four engineering
departments participated. Of this $590,000, about $90,000 went for equipment, $230,000 for
faculty support, $210,000 for graduate student support, and the remainder for secretarial,
technician, and summer school support.
Charter Day Celebration.
On September 29, Clarkson celebrated Charter Day with a
convocation in the hockey arena. Led in by a faculty in full academic regalia, President Graham
and Clarkson's honored guest, Thomas Paine, helped the College celebrate this important date
in its history by depicting space exploration in the future.
Paine forecast that mankind would reach the limits of the solar system in the 1970s and
1980s, and possibly to nearby stars in the early years of the 21st century. To accomplish the last
goal, Paine cited three basic space developments which he had recommended to President
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