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Time Advertisement.
The December 1969 issue of
magazine carried an advertisement
for Clarkson, headed in one-inch black letters,
Your Money or Your Son
. Subheaded,
We can
do a lot with the one. And a lot for the other,
this ad was prepared with generous and free
professional assistance
from the General Electric Company, and was printed in
at no cost
to Clarkson.
Its text read:
Who are we? Clarkson College of Technology.
You may never have heard of us before. But just about every company recruiter in the country has.
Because we turn out engineers, scientists, and business managers. And we turn out good ones.
Good enough so that every year recruiters from the top companies in the country come here to talk jobs
with them. Even though we're 100 miles from any large city ... way up in New York State, just 20 miles from
In fact, last year we actually had more recruiters on campus than we had senior graduates: 561 vs 480.
And our seniors averaged 12 job interviews apiece.
We think that's pretty good. But we're trying to do better.
We're trying to build for the future.
We're improving study programs for our 2,600 students, both graduate and undergraduate.
We're putting up a new $5.5 million science center.
And we just won a $590,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to help us make a great
chemical engineering department even greater.
If you'd like details on what we're doing, please write to: Mr. Loren E. Edwards, Clarkson College of
Technology, Potsdam, N.Y. 13676.
And it you'd like to help us do it, that's easy. Your money or your son.
If you can't send one, why not send the other?
On April 27, a group of some 35 Clarkson students and their supporters forcibly
occupied the anteroom of the president's and vice president's offices, and prevented the
secretaries assigned to these offices from performing their normal duties. This action was a part
of the general student unrest and disorders on college campuses across the nation in reaction to
the Vietnam War.
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