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included in the world-famous parade, and the Quebec citizens deeply appreciated a lone
Clarkson flutist playing
Yankee Doodle Dandy
Twenty-seven to One
. On January 24, 1970, six months before his retirement, Dr. Donald G.
Stillman was honored by the Department of Humanities with a book entitled
Twenty-seven to
. This work was a collection of material written by 27 present and former faculty members
who had served under Stillman in the humanities or liberal studies departments. Edited by Dr.
Bradford Broughton, it was prepared especially for Dr. Stillman's retirement after 21 years of
service to the College, and included material from 11 current faculty and 16 colleagues in
various parts of the United States as well as the Philippines, Canada, Scotland, and West
Germany. On his retirement in July, Dr. Stillman was replaced by Dr. David Sanders as
chairman of the Department of Humanities.
"Daddy" Reynolds' Telescope
. Retired Chemical Engineering Professor Francis "Daddy"
Reynolds donated to Clarkson his homemade telescope which he had used for the past 30 years
at his home at 103 Main Street. This apparatus was powerful enough for him to see several stars
of the fourteenth magnitude, and to resolve double stars. Its mirror was hand ground and
optically smooth to a tenth of a wave length; it had a theoretical resolving power of about one
second of arc and was equipped with a polar mount and a clock drive.
The College built a small observatory near the ski slope on the hill campus, which, in
1975, the Trustees voted to name after Professor Reynolds.
Fraternity Goes Local
. In 1970, Triangle dissociated itself from Triangle national fraternity,
and became a local, Tau Delta Kappa.
New FM-Stereo Transmitter
. A new Collins solid-state transmitter replaced the 2.5-watt unit
acquired by station WTSC a decade before. In addition to quadrupling the station's power
output, this new system produced a cleaner high-fidelity signal making it the only FM station
this side of Ottawa.
WTSC-FM was a pioneer in the radio industry, having been granted the first
noncommercial educational license in Northern New York. When the station opened in 1964, it
was one of the first radio stations in the country to have an entirely transistorized studio; it was
among the first to broadcast sportscasts away from home; and it became the first station to have
a studio primarily utilizing integrated circuits and computer circuitry built entirely by
engineering students. Primarily it played currently popular music directed to the College
students, but it also played Broadway melodies and classical music during the week.
DU, Best Chapter
. The Lambda Iota chapter of Delta Upsilon fraternity was selected to receive
the International Sweepstakes Award as the year's most outstanding chapter among the 87
chapters of the organization.
Clarkson Institute?
In response to requests from faculty, the alumni, and the Trustees
themselves to consider a name change, Trustee Chairman Peale proposed that the institution
should be called
Clarkson Institute of Technology
He reported that many he had surveyed felt the full official name of the school was too
long in these hurried times:
The Thomas S. Clarkson Memorial College of Technology
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