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Tech Register.
In response to an idle remark by a Tech student that he had been in the
bookstore several times that day, March 23, 1901, J. R. Weston, its owner, placed a register on
a counter near the front door so students entering could "register like a hotel register." Thus
began the tradition of the Tech Register. This first register, an ordinary paper-covered day
book, contained approximately 2,800 signatures from March 23, 1901, until February 19, 1904.
The second and third volumes, larger and covered with stiff mottled covers, contained 250
pages each and had approximately 10,000 signatures.
In these later volumes the first sketches began to appear. From this time on, this
Register was used not only for signatures and drawings of local Tech interest, but also for
student comments regarding current Tech affairs. They showed little restraint in their comments
when discussing their relations with certain members of the faculty. Pictures drawn by Tech
students furnished a permanent history of events which some students had hoped would be
forgotten. By 1910, a standard book of 500 pages had been chosen, and all the later books were
this size.
On the opening pages of the new copy of the Tech Register, dated November
12, 1919, the following
appeared in bold blue ink:
Mind ye, long furry eared Frosh, this book is backed by years of tradition of the highest standard,
therefore think long and seriously ere you contaminate its fair pages with your infantile scrawl and childish babble.
Write your name and the time only and refrain from any humor. Leave that for your superiors. Never write
numerals after your name or before it.
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