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Mickey Moore.
General Ernest M. "Mickey" Moore, USAF (ret.), retired from Clarkson after
six years of service to the College. On his arrival on campus in 1965, he served as dean of
student affairs, but retired from the position of special assistant to the president. Major General
Moore retired from the Air Force in 1961 after 30 years of active military service following his
graduation from West Point. Before coming to Clarkson, he served as director of the Hoover
Institute at Stanford University. (See 1965)
Motorized Wheelchair.
Two enterprising mechanical engineering seniors, with the able
assistance of Alcoa Professor of Mechanical Engineering John Rollins, machinist Ray Smith,
and electrician Carl Stevens, designed a wheelchair with a variable seat height. Matt
Adamkoski and Carl Judd modified a bucket-type padded spring seat from a foreign sports car
so that the occupant could adjust the seat height with controls on the right arm of the chair. That
way the occupant rose to be able to talk with people at eye level from behind a desk.
Motorized Roller Skates.
Using for power a two-cycle gasoline engine like those on chain
saws, Kenneth Solinsky, senior ME student, designed a means of conveying power to the rear
wheels of a roller skate. Mounted under the heel of the skate were two spiral miter gears which
transferred the power from the engine to the two-inch rubber skate wheels through a flexible
shaft; a camera-shutter release served as the throttle. Pictures of the inventor wearing this
device were published across the nation.
(Photo #36c)
Social Sciences Degrees.
Effective with the Class of 1974, the social sciences department
designated various majors within its curriculum that would delineate areas of specialization.
These were history, political science, psychology, sociology, economics, and a general
category, social sciences, to cover all interdisciplinary concentrations. These majors were
awarded bachelor of science degrees but each with the different major.
Bradley, Alcoa Professor.
William W. Bradley, associate professor of civil engineering, was
appointed as the third Alcoa Professor at Clarkson. He succeeded Professor John Rollins of the
mechanical engineering department. This Alcoa professorship was created in 1966 with a
$90,000 grant from the Alcoa Foundation.
Bradley received his bachelor's degree in physical science from the University of
Chicago, his master's in chemical engineering from the University of Colorado, and his
doctorate in metallurgy from MIT; he came to Clarkson as associate professor of civil
engineering in 1964. In addition to his excellence in the classroom (for which he was awarded
the Distinguished Teaching Award in 1974), he served many years on the Faculty Senate. After
serving several terms as its secretary, he compiled a detailed index to the Senate minutes,
providing a highly useful tool for academics and administrators alike, and a similar index to the
Administrative Council minutes.
Dr. Bayard Clarkson, Trustee and long-time friend of the College, presented Clarkson
with 12 new canoes, six green and six gold-colored, for use on the Raquette River by the
Outing Club, or any other member of the general Clarkson community: student, faculty, or
staff. Over 200 students took advantage of Dr. Clarkson's generosity for excursions on the river
during the first weekend of use.
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