A Clarkson Mosaic - page 359

Snell Hall Renovation.
Work in Snell Hall substantially changed the contours of the second
and third floors. Because many of the classes which formerly were taught in Snell Hall were
meeting in the new Science Center, the need for downtown classrooms lessened, while the
number of offices and special purpose rooms increased considerably.
Formerly containing 24 offices and eight classrooms, the second floor was modified into
25 offices, five classrooms, two conference rooms, a visual aids room, and a psychology
laboratory complex with two laboratories, two offices, and two workrooms. In addition, the
former office space behind Snell Auditorium was converted into 10 placement interview rooms.
On the third floor the former 13 offices and 10 classrooms were changed into 26 offices,
four classrooms, nine special purpose rooms, and an amphitheater type of lecture room; the
simulation suite of the industrial management department remained unchanged.
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