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Finally, in 1922, the Board of Governors laid down official rules concerning freshmen "use"
of the Register. They were allowed to sign the book only once a day, and were required to sign
it only with first and last names, and no middle initial.
The Register continued until the last entry was made by Edgar Tobet '21 who signed the
Register at 3:15 p.m., June 2, 1962. Its volumes are shelved in the Clarkson Archives.
Faculty Recruitment.
Here is a letter written to a prospective teacher by Director Barton
Cruikshank before he left the School.
Dear Mr. Bayley,
Please answer the following questions, sending them addressed to our president of the Board of Trustees,
the Hon. A. X. Parker, Potsdam:
1. Your age
2. Name of the college from which graduated
3. Degree
4. Date of graduation
5. What other, if any positions have you filled since graduation, besides those at Hebrew T.S. and at
Send your photograph if possible.
I am quite certain that you are the man for the place and have strongly recommended you, but think the
Trustees would not give you an appointment for the year, but only as a substitute for the month. This would mean
that if you fill the place acceptably we should look no farther, but that if you could not we should not be required
to hold you for the year.
Would you accept the rate of $1,200 a year? on the above terms?
This would mean that you would have to work in the shops from 8 a.m. to
6 p.m. when not teaching and all summers except a two-week vacation.
Answer the questions as President Parker will know what the questions
Yours very truly,
Barton Cruikshank
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