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After being reelected, President Nixon visited China on an eight-day "journey for peace." North
Vietnamese forces launched their biggest attack across the DMZ in four years in March, to
which the US responded in April by bombing Hanoi and Haiphong after a four-year lull; the
last US combat forces left Vietnam on August 11. Presidential candidate George Wallace was
shot and paralyzed by Arthur Bremer in Maryland. Five men were arrested for breaking into
the Democratic National Committee headquarters in the Watergate office complex in
Washington. Israeli athletes were murdered at the Munich Summer Olympics; Winter Olympics
were held in Sapporo, Japan. A Washington report called alcohol abuse the nation's biggest
drug problem. Clifford Irving was arrested for writing a "phony" biography of Howard
Hughes. Great Britain imposed direct rule on Northern Ireland. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover
died. UCLA won its sixth straight NCAA basketball title. Oxford University agreed to enroll its
first women.
Fiddler on the Roof
set a Broadway record for its 3,225 straight performances.
Mark Spitz won a record seven gold medals in swimming at the Munich Olympics.
The Godfather
played to packed movie houses.
• Enrollment
• Phi Kappa Phi Chapter
• Alumni Fund Award
• Graham Made Chancellor
• Urban Automobile Design
• Ceglarski Resigned
• Ross Goble, Dean
• Basketball All-American
• Youngest Alumnus Trustee
• Former Pres. Davis Died
• Munday Peale Died
• Lacrosse Trophy
• SUCP Sororities Rush
• A Better Head
• "Pinky" Ryan Died
• Jerry York
• Cheating?
• Chemistry Award
Fall enrollment stood at 2,426, distributed among 1,428 engineering, 321 science,
274 management, 238 industrial distribution, 90 humanities and social sciences, and 75 special
students. Commencement saw 527 bachelor of science degrees, 58 master's, and 16 PhD
degrees awarded.
Alumni Fund Award
. In July, Clarkson received a $1,000 first-place award and the Mobius
Strip Trophy from the American Alumni Council and the United States Steel Foundation for the
sustained performance of its Annual Alumni Fund in 1971-72.
In 1970 Clarkson had received honorable mention, and in 1971 it had received the
Grand Award, in a tie with the University of Southern California, for sustained performance by
alumni. Clarkson won it for the third year in a row in 1973.
Urban Automobile Design.
Concern about air pollution and its control led a team of
mechanical engineering students, with help from other disciplines, to design and build a low-
emission, economical urban automobile for submission in an international college and
university competition.
Choosing a Wankel engine for their vehicle, they sought to eliminate a maximum
amount of air and noise pollution. This entry was sufficiently distinct and high enough in all
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