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categories to rank it seventh among the more than 60 college entries in the international Urban
Vehicle Design Competition held in August at the General Motors Proving Grounds in Detroit.
For students interested in noise pollution, this urban vehicle contest served as an ideal
lab. On their return with the car from Detroit, four mechanical engineering students used it to
complete a study in acoustic measurement and control. These four, Paul Phillips, George Allen,
Steve Martin, and Steve Vekasy, determined that the noise both outside and inside the car
should be examined. They found that the noise from the car as it passed by at approximately 40
mph seemed considerable, and surprisingly was no greater than the sound levels emitted by a
1971 American-made compact car. The main problem, however, was the noise to which the
car's occupants were exposed. Because that interior noise hindered hearing, and made
conversation difficult, it definitely created a safety hazard.
As a result, the team recommended installing fiberglass insulation on the lower side of
the engine cover and on the interior of the passenger compartment after carpeting had been
removed. Sheet lead then was placed over the insulation. Sound absorbent foam was used to
cover interior areas of the compartment, deeper pile carpeting on the floor, acoustical foam in
the ceiling, and molding around the windows and doors to provide an air seal reduced external
noise to an acceptable level.
Ross Goble, Dean.
Coming from a position as associate professor of marketing at the State
University of New York in Albany, Goble joined the staff as professor of marketing and
psychology, and dean of the School of Management. He resigned in 1980. Professor Michael
Bommer, acted as dean for a year until Eugene Kaczka arrived in 1981.
Youngest Alumnus Trustee.
Oleg Pohotsky '68 (ChE) joined the Board of Trustees as the
youngest ever alumni Trustee at age 25. He served for several terms and was awarded an
honorary degree in 1991.
Munday Peale Died.
Board chairman Munday Peale, former president of Republic Aviation,
and since 1965 chairman of Clarkson's Board of Trustees, died on November 1 in Wyoming,
following a stroke in New York while on college business. A member of the board since 1957,
Peale was involved in the College's rapid expansion during the 1960s. During his term as
chairman, Clarkson completed construction valued at about $10 million, including the $5.5
million Science Center.
SUCP Sororities Rush.
All six of the sororities at State University College Potsdam opened
their doors to Clarkson women in September. Five Clarkson women chose to rush in the first
This rush period lasted only four days during which time an interested woman had to
attend at least one party at each of the six sororities before she was allowed to pledge any
house. Many returned several times to the house they were interested in, a difficult schedule to
arrange and still include hour exams and classes. As the rushees left each sorority house, its
sisters would sing their songs to demonstrate true sisterhood and the unity of the group.
Because ISC rules required the rushees to leave the houses when the "smokers" ended,
frequently the festivities would continue as the rushees were accompanied downtown with
singing, dancing, and talking.
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