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and trucks had hauled them. In three hours, the cars were reduced to a small bundle of twisted
metal. This successful test led the Clarkson chapter of ASME to purchase a used wrecker truck
to collect junked cars throughout the township; proceeds from the sale of the hulks to the junk
dealer defrayed expenses of the wrecker and crushing operations.
Presidents' Cups.
Presented each year to the College with the best won-lost record in the
three-school competition among Clarkson, St. Lawrence, and Potsdam State, a new series of
awards called The Presidents' Cups were created to recognize supremacy in five "minor" sports:
soccer, baseball, tennis, basketball, and wrestling. Such awards were created to add incentive
for the varsity athletes as well as highlight the competitive interaction among the schools.
Clarkson established the first chapter of the Society of Women Engineers in New York
State on October 1 with Kathryn Stockslader Hosford as its first president. Over the next 15
years, this chapter received 15 national awards, including being selected as the best chapter in
the United States several times. In 1988 it was voted the best chapter in Region F, and was
awarded the Corning Achievement Award. Also in 1988, its membership reached 150 members
including students majoring in engineering, industrial distribution, and science.
Canoe Race.
On a crisp, late September afternoon, with the temperature at 57 degrees and
falling, a naval battle took place on the Raquette River in Potsdam. Clarkson students in canoes
were to race three-hundred yards downstream, unhook a floating empty beer keg, get the keg
into the canoe, and return to the starting place. Paddlers were not allowed to club opponents
with their paddles, but were allowed to give them a "little nudge." After much confusion, and
the swamping of many canoes, Jim Resig, Doug Eibsen, and Jim Caltabiano of Hamlin II
Residence Hall, and Bill Cowper, Bruce Holden, and Pete Clickner of AEPi were the survivors
to enjoy the pleasures of a beer barrel that was not empty and bobbing.
Ranking Engineering Schools.
A report by the American Society for Engineering Education
listed Clarkson among the 40 largest engineering colleges in the United States. The
Departments of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Chemical Engineering held 9th and
10th places, respectively; chemical engineering also ranked fourth in the nation for the number
of degrees granted by similar departments.
Further refined, that information revealed that in the total number of bachelor's degrees
granted by its four engineering departments, Clarkson ranked second among the 17 engineering
colleges in New York State; only CCNY with 425 degrees outranked Clarkson's 299. Ranking
below Clarkson were RPI, Cornell, PINY, Manhattan College, and SUNY Buffalo in that order.
In the entire northeast region, including New York State, Clarkson ranked eighth out of 55
Women in ROTC.
Two freshmen women, Eileen Romano of Bloomington, Min., and Karen
Celentano of Farmingdale, N.Y., became the first two women cadets in Clarkson's ROTC
program. Both were commissioned in 1976.
MacKenzie in S.I.
Featured in the "Faces in the Crowd" segment in the February 5, 1973, issue
Sports Illustrated
, Brian MacKenzie '73, was awarded the magazine's Award of Merit for
scoring nine goals in two hockey games against the University of Quebec in November.
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