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Once inside the building, however, things began to go wrong. Finding the first floor packed
with young women, the men raced to the third floor. One of the women on the first floor
guessed the streaker's intentions and followed.
On the third floor, the men removed their shorts, and began their streak down the stairs.
Everything went well until once again they found the first floor jampacked with women
"standing room only." Then came the shock: the first-floor door was locked shut. Trapped, the
red-faced men turned to face the giggling women, and awaited the RA with the key to
Women's Hockey.
Drawing from the 184 women undergraduates, Coach Ron Frazer gathered
17 women for a women's hockey team he would coach. Playing under the same rules as men's
hockey, and using the same type of equipment as men, (only the women had to buy their own
skates), the team scheduled its first season opener against Colgate on December 8, but that
game had to be postponed. Not yet a varsity team, this club, known affectionately as Frazer's
Blazers, started with Ann Patrice Hickey, the only senior mechanical engineering woman, as
They eventually opened their season against Potsdam State on February 10 with an
impressive 7-0 victory. Senior center Joan Carroll scored five of the goals, scoring the first one
just 22 seconds into the game. They defeated Colgate 2-0 in their second away game, and
placed their 2-0 record on the line later in February when they won their second game against
Potsdam State 6-0, with Joan Carroll again scoring five goals. They defeated Colgate in March
for the third time by 4-3, with Lynn Sokolowski and Joan Carroll each scoring two goals.
Entering a women's tournament at Cornell in March, along with Colgate and Boston
University, they lost in overtime to Colgate in the first game 2-1, but made up for that loss with
a 2-1 victory over Boston U. Ann Hickey was selected as the All-Star Goalie of the
Tournament, an appropriate reward for her stellar work in the goal all season long, allowing
only six goals to get past her in all the games.
Seven Springs.
Clarkson purchased the former Seven Springs Sports Center as a year-round
recreation area for use by the Clarkson community and people in the neighboring towns.
Located 10 miles southeast of Potsdam in the town of Parishville, this 70-acre property
consisted of a 5,000-square-foot lodge, ski lift and slope, skeet shooting area, pond, and large
playing field. It was used for faculty and student conferences, parties, and organized sports, but
in 1993, it was closed as an economy measure, and later sold.
Challenging college students in a nationwide contest, Student Competitions On
Relevant Engineering (SCORE) had produced some noteworthy designs in the past. One earlier
competition called for the design of an urban vehicle.
This year's competition centered on Students Against Fire, and Clarkson students rose to
the occasion. One of the several entries submitted by Clarkson engineering students was a mini
fire truck. Its fire-fighting equipment module could be placed in any standard pick-up truck
which could speed to the fire scene, and begin fighting and rescue efforts before the larger units
and equipment could be dispatched. This compact unit contained a generator pump to provide
electricity for a floodlight, while providing pressure to pump water or chemical foam from a
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