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John Mitchell, ex-attorney general, H.R. Haldeman, and John Erlichman, ex-presidential
advisors, were found guilty of Watergate cover-up charges. Ex-Army Lt. William Calley's
conviction in 1971 of murdering 22 civilians in Mylai, Vietnam, was overturned in the lower
courts, and was reinstated by the Supreme Court. Patricia Hearst, kidnapped in February, was
captured in September and later convicted of bank robbery. Unemployment hit 33-year high at
8.2% in January. Saigon fell to North Vietnam forces. The Suez Canal opened after an eight-
year closure following the Arab-Israeli War. Jimmy Hoffa was declared missing. The USSR
Soyuz and USA Apollo spacecraft linked up in space. First-class postage rose from 10 to 13
cents. President Ford escaped assassination attempts in San Francisco. Aerosol cans became
the focus of controversy over the destruction of the earth's ozone layer. Smash movies:
Godfather I and II, Earthquake, The Exorcist
, and
Saturday Night Live
premiered. Jack
Nicklaus won his fifth Master's.
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Clarkson Plan.
President Plane announced his goals for the College in "The Clarkson Plan." In
his annual report, he described its underlying theme as "professional excellence in a personal
Although achievement will be demanded from Clarkson students, they must never be
made to feel they are being run through a machine designed to turn out engineers, scientists, or
businessmen. `Professional excellence in a personal atmosphere' focuses the many individual
suggestions and so must serve as our primary goal in the years ahead. The plan for Clarkson's
future incorporates the recommendations made to attain our goal. While reminding us of the
College's basic strengths, this plan looks to the future and challenges all members of the
Clarkson community to attain a new level of professional excellence. The Clarkson Plan calls
on all of us to become personally involved with the College and to share its endeavors with
pride and enthusiasm.
This plan, a three-year campaign to raise $12.5 million in operating and capital funds,
included the money to build the much-needed educational resources center, construct an indoor
recreation center, provide scholarship and financial aid assistance, and ensure program and
unrestricted operating income.
PE Exam.
In 1975, Clarkson received permission from the New York State Department of
Education to administer on the Clarkson campus the first eight hours of the Professional
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