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and mathematics for the quantitative, analytical approach to modern biology. Four designated
areas in the new program were Mathematical Biology, Molecular Biology, Environmental
Biology, and Behavioral Biology.
Alpha Chi Rho Burned.
Early on Saturday, December 20, 1975, the "Crow" house was
completely destroyed by fire. Thought to have originated in the old furnace in the basement
because of the -18 degree outside temperature, this fire soon engulfed the entire structure.
All 11 brothers still in the house at the time were able to escape to a nearby apartment or
to the TKE fraternity house across Elm Street, many only in shorts or a pair of hastily-donned
trousers. Two were forced to jump to safety from the second floor because the front hallway
and stairs were in flames. Sixteen of the brothers moved into the dorms, many in suites already
occupied by fraternity brothers, three into apartments around town, and the remainder into a
large apartment at 85 Elm. Strong alumni support allowed the fraternity to rebuild the house.
Moore House Game Room.
When Peter Magellan, resident advisor for Moore House, saw
students playing pool on the vandalized table in the basement of Moore House, he got the idea
to fix up that room into a decent game room for the Moore House students. Deans Smalling and
Don Dangremond agreed to help if the students would do the work. Dean Davis donated some
barnwood and agreed to help defray the cost of installing it.
Magellan, Bob Klein, Bob Fedich, Mike Robida, and others replaced the ceiling,
mounted the barn wood to cover holes in the walls, and completely fixed over the entire room.
Dangremond arranged for some furniture, Magellan donated new cues and pool balls, and
arranged for the purchase of a foosball table.
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