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I Semester
Physics and Chemistry
Physiology and Hygiene
Sewing: Plain
Study of Textiles
II Semester
Chemistry of Foods
Emergencies; Home Nursing
Sewing: Care of Mechanics
Study of Headdresses
I Semester
Household Economy
Laundry-work, Mending
Drawing: Freehand
II Semester
Cookery: Setting and Serving the Table
Arrangement of the Home
Public Hygiene
Drawing: Freehand
Design in Dressmaking and Millinery
Students of both the four-year Domestic Science and Domestic Art programs took physics and
chemistry along with the engineering students. Both courses consisted of lectures and
laboratories. During the second chemistry term, for example, the domestic science students
were separated from the engineering students and began focusing on the chemistry of foods, the
impact of air on drinking water, and interpretation of reports on sanitary conditions.
Their drawing course was an elementary course in mechanical drawing taken with the
engineers. The women took the course one step further though, and were required not only to
design kitchens, but to complete the final project oflaying out a cottage as well.
Their physiology and hygiene, emergencies, and home nursing courses were designed
to give them practical knowledge of the structure and functions of the human body. Hygiene,
accidents, and illnesses were among the many topics covered on a practical level. Students
learned about observing and recording temperature and pulse, bandaging, airing out a sick
room, and the hygiene of infancy, just to name a few.
Cooking courses were designed to reduce cooking to a science by the exact methods of
the chemical laboratory. Because these students learned economical rather than gourmet
cooking, courses were designed to be practical for the homemaker or the public school teacher.
Sewing taught the students hand-stitching, machine sewing, and textile information.
They learned to measure for patterns and assemble simple garments. Once again the aim was on
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