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Dressage Winner.
Jan Falk, CEE senior, placed second in the American Collegiate Overall
Dressage event in an international competition held in Dillenberg, West Germany, in
December, and in Austria in January. From East Granby, Conn., Jan had won over 100 ribbons
in the 14 years she had been riding. Eighteen teams from the United States, Canada, and
Western Europe competed. Jan's team placed fourth in the jumping event.
A Clarkson riding team had been formed only in 1977 when three students decided to
enter the St. Lawrence University competition; by 1978, the team had grown to 15 members,
but Jan was the only member to enter the international show.
Operating from a new studio in Graham Hall basement, ICRN-TV broadened its
operations during the fall semester. In conjunction with cable Channel 8, the new television
operations included a news broadcast, two comedies, and a Gong Show.
Rugby began as a club on campus during the fall semester and was so enthusiastically
received by men interested in the sport, that its team won its first match against Watertown by
the score of 24-0. Being only a club, however, meant that games were difficult to schedule. It
lost its second game to the University of Vermont.
"Closed Book, Closed Notes."
Seventeen junior chemical engineers were accused by
Professors Wilcox and Estrin of cheating on the ChE Thermodynamics hourly examination on
October 23 and were taken before the newly formed Academic Integrity Committee. (See p.
475) The case revolved around the interpretation of the phrase "closed book, closed notes."
Told by their professors at the beginning of the course, and again on the night of the
examination that the exams for the course were "closed book, closed notes," the students
assumed, however, that because they were provided with steam tables and other reference
tables containing information necessary to solve some of the problems, they could write
additional information such as formulas and diagrams in the tables book without violating the
"closed book" rule.
When the instructors found during the exam that students indeed did have notes in the
steam tables book, they checked all the books being used, and confiscated seventeen. The
Academic Integrity Committee found these seventeen not guilty because it felt the
interpretation of "closed book, closed notes" was never made totally clear to the students.
Arnold Barben.
On July 8, 1978, Arnold Barben '27 was awarded an honorary degree for his
outstanding service to Clarkson as an alumnus. As he rose to become senior vice president of
Gould Pumps, he revealed his true humanitarianism. He worked earnestly for the Boy Scouts
and Girl Scouts, and served loyally as a member of the board of directors of his local United
Furthermore, he had been a loyal supporter of Clarkson for half a century. Together
with his wife, Helen, he created the Arnold and Helen Barben endowed Scholarship and Loan
Funds to help worthy Clarkson students. For all of this, he was awarded the Golden Knight
Award in 1977. A few years after his death, his widow provided a substantial donation to the
Cheel Center for which the University named the second floor multipurpose room the Barben
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