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That command now is uttered as part of each Commencement ceremony. After the
previous year's Distinguished Teaching Award winner has presented the graduating class to
him, the President confers on them the degrees of bachelor of science or bachelor of
professional studies. This is followed immediately by the faculty member telling the graduates,
"Tassels to the left!" and instructing them to come forward to receive their degrees individually.
Double Major/Double Degree.
Students were able to obtain a single bachelor's degree with a
double major through a policy passed by the Faculty Senate and approved by the president.
Under this new policy, a student had to complete the requirements for each major, but by so
doing, did not qualify for two separate degrees.
A second bachelors' degree-that is, the nonsimultaneous awarding of two separate
bachelor's degrees-was awarded when the candidate: 1) satisfied all the requirements for two
degree programs, 2) had a minimum of 150 credit hours (that is, 30 hours more than is required
for a single bachelor's degree), 3) had one semester's work (15 credit hours) in residence after
the semester in which all requirements of the first degree were satisfied, with at least three
courses of this work consisting of upper-division courses in the department of the second
degree program, and 4) had received the two degrees at two different Commencements. One of
the first students to avail himself of this benefit was John Robson, ChE and TC, who graduated
in 1981 with 156 credit hours.
Alumnae Hockey.
As part of Homecoming Weekend, the women's varsity hockey team
defeated an alumnae team 7-4 for the first game of the year in the Arena. Down 3-2 in the
beginning of the third period, the alumnae staged a third-goal rally to get within one goal 5-4,
but two more varsity goals iced the game for the varsity coached by Ron Frazer.
For this alumnae game, coached by "Mrs. Coach," Doris Frazer, the highlights were
provided by Joan Carroll '75, with two goals and an assist. One of her scores was a "flashy"
goal in the first period when the alumnae were shorthanded while Mary Joyce was sitting out a
penalty; other scorers were Sherri DeWees, who also had an assist, and Pam Morin. Fireworks
for the varsity were provided by Kelly Priestley and Nancy Musson who each had two goals
and an assist. Susan Stark also scored two goals, while Adrienne St. John and Diana
Coty each contributed two assists.
Freshman Records.
Entering in the fall of 1979, the Class of 1983 broke all Clarkson records.
The College received 2,656 applications for admission, as compared to 2,483 the previous year;
the 815 entering freshmen made up the largest entering class ever, and broke existing records
for achievement. Twenty-four and a half percent were in the top five percent of their high
school classes, 80 percent were in the top quarter, and 49 were class valedictorians. Topping the
previous year's record of 133 were the 136 women who enrolled, along with 310 transfer
students. Clarkson accepted more engineering students than any other school in the state, more
than twice the number of engineering students in the entire City University of New York
(CUNY) system.
Order of the Engineer
. Originating in Canada in 1970, this recognition society came to the
Clarkson campus in 1979, when Clarkson became the first college in New York State to join an
organization which has nearly 60 chapters throughout the United States. Edward Misiaszek was
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