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the prime mover to bring the organization to campus. Other faculty members included Herman
Shulman, Richard Sanford, and David Bray.
Requiring only a bachelor's degree in engineering for membership, this society was
formed to foster and spread the ideals of engineering: honesty, integrity, probity. As a
recognition token, each member receives a stainless steel ring to be worn on the smallest finger
of one's writing hand.
Who's Who.
Twenty-eight Clarkson students were included in the 1979-80 edition &i
Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges,
listing campus leaders from over
1,200 schools in all 50 states, D.C., and several foreign countries. Published yearly since 1934,
this year's edition included:
James Armstrong, Mark Bissonette, Anne Cardinal, Diana Coty, Shawn Croucher, David Elwyn Foster,
Gilbert French, Peter Gordon, Kevin Hinman, Lawrence Jewett, Steven Kinz, Scott Lee, William Leonardi, John
Lose, John Mann, Colleen McCormack, Laurie Moore, Ellen Pincus, Santina Priolo, Todd Richards, Peter Rickert,
Christopher Robinson, Edward Small, Robert Stoddard, John Svisco, John Tarbell, and Carl Troiano.
Delta Chi Name.
Delta Chi, Clarkson's professional business fraternity changed its name to
Delta Chi Delta to avoid confusion with the national social fraternity, Delta Chi.
Founded at Clarkson in 1950 as the Society of Accountants, it affiliated with Alpha
Kappa Psi, the national business fraternity, in 1958, taking the chapter name of Delta Chi at that
time. Then, after it had been suspended from AKPsi in 1974 for initiating women into what
traditionally had been a male fraternity, it decided against seeking readmission to the national,
for it felt it was well-enough established on campus to remain completely independent. It is best
known for the Industrial Fair which it sponsors every fall.
Manning 25 telephones in room 312 of the Science Center for the month of
February, volunteers called alumni from Florida to California to Michigan, and raised over
$50,000 in pledges. Under the guidance of director Cliff Westerling, a student committee of
Bob Jerabeck, Jean Healy, John Mann, and Brian Higgins reached out to the entire student body
for phoners. Through their hard work, not only were all the fraternities represented, but other
groups also such as SWE, APO, and dormitory floors. Estimates of the numbers of students
helping ranged as high as 10%.
Jack Hantz.
A member of the Clarkson faculty since 1953, Jack Hantz was elected to the New
York State Wrestling Coaches Hall of Fame. During his 15 years as wrestling coach, Hantz
coached two undefeated teams and earned a .600 record. Ten of his wrestlers were conference
champions and participated in state, regional, and national tournaments.
Wrestlers to Nationals.
Two freshman wrestlers, Craig Lewis and Scott Elia, won the trip to
the National Championship Tournament by winning their respective weight-class
championships at the ICAC tournament in February. In the 118-pound-weight class, Elia scored
a 9-6 decision, and thereby became the first Clarkson wrestler to earn a ticket to the Nationals
held at Humboldt State College, Arcata, California, on March 2 and 3. Lewis won a tough
decision in the 126 class by a score of 4-2. Clarkson finished third in the ICAC tournament with
a score of 48.5; St. Lawrence won the tournament for the seventh straight year with a score of
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