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Engineering Concentrations.
A study of the engineering school's four departments revealed a
broad spectrum of elective concentrations which provided specialization in each major field for
Clarkson's 2,235 engineering students. Because "engineering" is such a huge field of endeavor,
these concentrations narrow the focus of student interest and allow students to develop a
specialty in their chosen field, their major.
For a "concentration," a student chooses five elective courses. For example, students
wishing to heighten their communications skills may take a "concentration in Technical
Communications (TC)" which requires that they take as undesignated electives any five TC
courses. They may wish to prepare themselves better for entrance to medical school, so they
take biology and chemistry courses as their undesignated electives, chosen in consultation with
a faculty member in the biology department.
The four engineering departments also offer their own concentrations:
Chemical Engineering
Research, Development, and Education
Process Control
Pollution Control, Industrial Hygiene and Safety
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Surveying and Construction
Water Resources
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Computer Engineering
Communication Systems
Control Systems
Power System Engineering
Electronic Devices and Circuits
Mechanical Engineering
Power Engineering
Industrial Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Lacrosse Record.
Rick Hewitt '81 scored eight goals and four assists in the 16-6 victory over
Rochester to surpass Clarkson's previous scoring records held by Alan Nolet '78 and George
Miller '79.
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