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and the best ways of achieving them. STRETCH used Personal Development Advisors (PDA)
recruited by the Student Life office from administration, faculty, and upperclass student body.
Each PDA met with the freshmen assigned to him or her to discuss the new students' goals and
realistic ways of achieving them, and then met again during the year to discuss progress, to
reshape goals, or to establish new ones. Each student received a small binder containing an
introduction to the program and outline of its purpose and planned implementation.
Each was to complete a 55-item self-assessment test under the five targeted areas; goal-
planning sheets completed the booklet. Over 50 faculty and administration signed up as
Mentors for this new program. A survey conducted in the second year of its operation caused
some students to be reassigned to Personal Development Advisors who were more prepared to
accept the responsibility of the position, and more freshmen to realize even more the
importance of other facets in education besides classes and studying.
The Board of Alcohol and Responsible Drinking was established in February 1982 to
develop a set of guidelines by which it monitored events on campus involving alcohol
consumption. This organization was not intended to stop students from drinking, but rather to
encourage events at which alcohol consumption was a secondary reason for attending the
Two sets of guidelines were drawn up: one for residence halls events; and the other for
events held in college facilities other than residence halls, and were intended for faculty and
staff as well as students. Some of the key provisions were:
Events with more than 25 people in attendance had to be registered with BOARD, and
could provide no more than the maximum alcohol allowed:
for 25-50 people, no more than a quarter keg of beer, 2.5 gallons of
wine, less than two gallons of liquor, or an equivalent combination;
for 51-99 people, up to a keg of beer, 10 gallons of wine, four
gallons of liquor, or equivalent combination.
Other regulations covered registration of the party with the Residence Life office, the
prevention of sale of alcohol, and the mandatory service of non-alcoholic beverages and food,
among others.
Green Machine.
For sports enthusiasts who missed Clarkson's athletic games, or who wanted
to know the score, the College installed a new service. One needed only to call the answering
machine for the
Green Machine
sports telephone line, 315-268-7996, to learn the latest up-to-
date scores and upcoming athletic events.
Soccer Stars.
Two Golden Knight soccer players were tapped for post-season honors. Vele
Galovski and Ali Ouarzeddini were selected as members of the All New York State Soccer
Team for Division III. The Knights finished the season with an overall record of 9-6-1 and an
ICAC record of 2-4-0.
Galovski, a senior, was chosen first-team goalie, having finished the season with a save
percentage of 91.4; his goals-per-game average in 16 games was 0.69; he also recorded six
shutouts. He had been selected for last year's second team.
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