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Ouarzeddini, a senior from Algeria, was chosen for the second team at the midfield
position. Playing most of the year with a bad ankle, Ali finished the season with one goal and
three assists for five points. This was the third year he had been chosen for the All-State team.
Touch Tomorrow.
Clarkson was honored to be selected for participation in
Touch Tomorrow
, a
three-week exposition focusing on technology and its effect on the future of education,
business, science, and the overall quality of life. Running from September 19 through October 8
at Gimbel's department store in New York City, this show was highlighted by exhibits, films,
and demonstrations from major corporations, government agencies, scientific organizations,
and educational institutions. NASA, SONY, New York Telephone, MIT, RPI, and others
showed how technology would affect the world in which people live.
Also displayed was a "watch of the future," Seiko's Memo-Memory Alarm Chronograph
displayed credit card numbers, phone numbers, addresses, dates- whatever the owner chose to
program into its unique memory function.
Clarkson's display depicted "The Dorm Room of the Future," a typical college
dormitory room, complete with beds, desks, and students using computers. This display
demonstrated how students and faculty alike were to utilize and benefit from a computerized
ERC Design Praised.
A Certificate of Design Excellence was awarded to the Andrew S.
Schuler Educational Resources Center by the Central New York Chapter of the American
Institute of Architects. The award was presented to the architectural firm of Sargent, Webster,
Crenshaw and Folley, Syracuse, by Edwin Harrington III, president of the Institute.
In light of this award, it is interesting to recall what Ada Louise Huxtable, architecture
critic for the
New York Times
, wrote in 1980 when the building opened, "Even if Clarkson's
Educational Resources Center is a computer cathedral, I don't think I want to see it."
Women's Soccer.
Under the coaching of Donna Andrews, Clarkson's Lady Knights soccer
team faced a five-game schedule including two games each against North Country Community
College and Canton ATC, and one against Saint Lawrence. Members of this team included
Cindy DeCarlo, Gayle Dunham, Susan Bacon, Patty D'Hont, Kathy Smith, Anne Hurley, Ellen
Bisson, Kim Goodell, Wendy Jo Warren, Joanne Prashaw, and Angela Olin. They lost their
opener against NCCC 4-1.
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