A Clarkson Mosaic - page 435

A Marxist takeover of Grenada led to the US invasion. "Australia II" won the America's Cup.
Jesse Jackson sought to form the "Rainbow Coalition" among blacks, Hispanics, and other
minorities. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, birthday became a national holiday. Parents went crazy
over the Cabbage Patch Doll.
Time Magazine's
"Man of the Year" was a computer. Billy
Martin managed the NY Yankees for the third time. Coughlan ran an indoor mile in 3:49.78.
Reagan proposed the Strategic Defense Initiative ("Star Wars" defense). The movie
eight Oscars. The NY Islanders won their fourth straight Stanley Cup. The Brooklyn Bridge
celebrated its 100th birthday. Terrorists in Beirut crashed dynamite-laden truck into the US
Marine barracks killing 241 Marines. The US Supreme Court reaffirmed the constitutional
right to an abortion. A home run hit by KC Royals' George Brett was disallowed for pine tar on
his bat.
A Chorus Line
set a Broadway record with its 3,389th performance. The Metropolitan
Opera celebrated its 100th birthday with a day-long concert. The last TV episode of
was watched by a record 125 million American viewers.
• Personal Computers
• Computer-Based Management
• Student Advisory Council
• Marketing Major
• Outdoor Orientation
• Industrial Management
• Engineering Science Building
• Liberal Studies Core
• SWE Regional Conference
• Greek Week
• Biology First Prize
• Swimming and Diving Team
Who's Who
• Russian Hockey Team
• Senior Week Events
• Student Drowned
• 1982 "Techer Awards"
• Beer Blast Ban
• Highlight in
• Another Kendall Award
• Phi Mu
• Main Street Hazard
• Ice Skate-a-thon
• Computer Camp
• Four-Plus-One Program
• ECAC-Bound Hockey Team
• CCT-SLU Hockey Record
• Fr. Kellogg Honored
• Student Events
• Writing Lab
Personal Computers
. Each incoming freshmen was supplied with a Zenith Z-100 Desk Top
computer. This new model retailed for over $4,000, but the students owned it by paying a one-
time $200 maintenance deposit fee, and then $200 per semester for their eight semesters on
About this visionary educational step, President Plane stated, "We're preparing our
students to excel in what is becoming a computer-oriented society." Twenty years earlier, the
first computer that appeared on campus was less than one-tenth as powerful as these personal
computers being given to freshmen. In those 20 years, despite expanding the 20 terminals to
more than 200 terminals, the terminal rooms remained crowded. Thus for every student to have
a comparable chance to learn about the computer, the College provided each freshman with this
new PC.
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