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Who's Who.
Forty-four Clarkson students were included in the
Who's Who Among Students in
American Universities and Colleges
for 1983. They were
chosen for their academic
achievements, service to the community, leadership in
extracurricular activities, and future
potential. Names from over 1,300
institutions in the United States and several foreign countries
were included. Students listed this year were:
Teresa M. Antonacci, Danielle Applegate, Sandra J. Barnes, Randall W. Bennett, Margaret M. Bonn,
Marilynn K. Boulter, Robert E. Brass, Randall Burkard, Mark Cappellino, Frank Cusanno, Michael P. DiBella,
Joanne M. Foley, Nicholas George, John P. Georges, Daniel M. Glenning, John Gotsch, Jr., Dana M. Groff, John
Guenst, Kevin L. Hagen, Holly A. Heine, Colin M. Johnson, Stephanie A. Koerner, Marta A. Lieberman, Martin
A. Mazzella, William L. McNeil, James Milde, Anne M. Moruzzi, Frederick J. Niese, Robert W. Orth, Cynthia M.
Palmer, Michael S. Patchen, Gary A. Peters, James R. Rogers IV, Roy Saucier Jr., Richard H. Schnur, John A.
Schurgin, Donna M. Seefeldt, David E. Simonic, Scott D. Smith, James W. Snyder, Elaine C. Stefanou, Douglas
R. Veivia, Lucinda A. Yerdon, Carol A. Young, Thomas J. Zdanowski.
Senior Week Events.
For seniors to wind down before the reality of Commencement and what
lies beyond it, the Senior Week committee planned an event-filled seven days. Saturday began
the week with a picnic at Postwood Park followed by a double feature Bill Murray Film
Festival in Snell Hall. Sunday saw a Softball Tournament, an Ice Cream Festival, and a repeat
of the Bill Murray Film Festival. Monday's highlights were a gin and juice "breakfast" at the
Depot, and a performance at night by singer-comedian-entertainer John Valby. Tuesday saw a
variety of morning and early afternoon tournaments in scramble golf, putt-putt golf, racquetball,
volleyball, and bowling, followed by a Wings and Things lunch in Ross-Brooks cafeteria, and a
Hawaiian Luau at Seven Springs in the evening.
Wednesday's highlights included a tour of Ottawa and a Medieval Manor banquet in the
evening. Thursday was Clambake Day in front of the Arena. Friday the 13th saw the semi-
formal Masquerade Ball in the Alumni Gym. On Saturday, life got serious as Commencement
rehearsal at 11:00 a.m. was followed later by the President's Reception at 4:30 p.m., and the
Parent's Reception at 6:30 p.m. for graduates and their families. One last chance to party, the
Final Fling, was held at Morgan's beginning at 10:00. Commencement began at 10:30 a.m. on
1982 "Techer Awards."
In January, the
awarded the "Techer Awards" for the
previous year to the following persons, places, things, or events in 1982.
Taking It Too Literally Award:
to the brothers of ZN for bringing records to TEP's
"Record Breaking TEP-Alumni Beer Blast," and breaking them over their heads, their
knees, on the ground, etc.
Telling It Like It Is Award:
to the brothers of Theta Chi for warning the freshmen about
the perils of life at Clarkson. The sign they posted on the front of their house read, "Go
home while youse still can."
Nice Try Award:
to the organizers of the protest rally against the change in the drinking
age. Held in November at State, only five people showed up.
Service Above The Call Of Duty Award:
to Steve Wright and Karen Ceier, for not only
going the entire 25 hours in the MS benefit Dance Marathon, but for raising over $600
as well.
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