A Clarkson Mosaic - page 445

This meant that most of the freshmen no longer could consume alcohol legally. But it
also drove home the remarkable point that Potsdam in general, and the Clarkson campus
in particular, had a large number of entertainments and activities that did not involve
alcohol. To name just a few: students could play pool and video games at Lewis House,
go to the movies, go on trips, or even stay in their rooms and play games on their own
Z-100 computers.
• Ice Carnival led off the second semester. Although the lack of snow prevented ice
sculptures, most of the other traditional activities were held: ice skating at Walker
Arena, beer chugging and pie eating contests, along with the annual hockey game, and
the campaign for King and Queen. This year, the Queen was Chrystie Mistretta from
AGO, and the King, Tony Palmieri from AXP.
• The Drama Club staged its annual musical in the spring: "Annie Get Your Gun," and
the audiences were well rewarded by an excellent production.
• A Kurt Vonnegut Week was highlighted by a visit to campus by the author himself,
lecturing to a jammed Snell Auditorium. Earlier in the week, several movies made from
his novels were shown to packed houses.
• Marshal Tucker and Todd Hobin arrived to give a well-supported performance.
• The annual clambake at Walker Arena on April 24, tried to get a jump on summer with
all the clams and beer that anyone could want. Bad weather forced them to eat, drink,
and listen to live music inside the Arena.
• A steady downpour on April 30 added excitement to the annual Auto Cross in the
Walker Arena parking lot, where the entrants included everything from a green and gold
Volkswagen bug to a Porsche.
• After that, there was only Commencement to look forward to.
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