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Exciting," "The Fascinating World of Physics," and "The Computer-a Mathematical
These courses allowed the students to experience laboratory and classroom work that
took them far beyond what was available in their high schools. These also gave the young
people a taste of college academic life while they expanded their abilities to think analytically
and critically.
Jersey Night.
All area minor league hockey players were invited as the guests of the Golden
Knights to the Clarkson-Harvard hockey game in the Walker Arena. Three sections of the
Arena were reserved for these athletes. Youngsters wearing minor league hockey jerseys were
admitted to the game free.
Freshman All-American.
Tim MacCarrick was named to the Division II All-American soccer
team as a goalkeeper while still a freshman. He was one of only two freshmen so honored. He
also was named to the All-New York State Division II team, and was named Independent
College Athletic Conference Rookie of the Year. In 15 games, the 5'11", 165-pound young
athlete posted a .887 save percentage, a 1.03 goals against percentage, and recorded seven
With this honor, MacCarrick joined three other Clarkson soccer players who have
earned All-American titles: Mark Bissonette in 1980, Ali Ouarzeddini in 1981, and Vele
Galovski in 1982.
Professor Sawyer Died.
Assistant Professor Thomas M. Sawyer was found dead in the
Raquette River near the bank at the end of Bay Street on Saturday morning, February 25. The
coroner ruled his death as accidental death by drowning. It was believed that he fell into the
river because of an undetermined, freakish accident.
Winter Survival.
Twenty-four Clarkson ROTC cadets participated in a two-day winter
survival training at Norwich University in Vermont. They received classroom instruction in
proper winter nutrition and clothing, and the care and prevention of cold weather injuries such
as frostbite, dehydration, and hypothermia. Then they were fitted with snowshoes and
embarked on a hike through rugged mountain terrain. They spent the night at the Norwich
campus where they received instruction in setting up 12-man Arctic tents with gas stoves for
heat, and then raised the tents and spent the night in them inside winter sleeping bags before
returning to Potsdam.
CU Banner in London.
As Clarkson's name became better known throughout the United
States, students on the Semester Abroad program at The City University in London decided that
the name of the University should be spread even further. This feat was accomplished by
hanging a Clarkson banner among all the other college banners at the internationally known
Hard Rock Cafe. They hung it on the left over the bar close to the ceiling; its gold and green
colors made it easy to locate.
Before it was hung, however, the students signed it so the world would know them: Kim
Brown, Evelyn Francisco, Neil Giardino, Gayle Golden, Bruce Hall, Pat Rogers, Dan Suter,
and Karen Wall.
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