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Competitors in the race felt that the course at Seven Springs was the most difficult
course they had raced on all year. It had the most hills and was the most demanding. With
temperatures in the low 40s and rain during the entire day, the races were made even more
challenging. Their excellent performance at Seven Springs and their second-place finish in the
Mideast Conference Championships earned the Golden Knight skiers an invitation to the
National Collegiate Ski Championships at McCall, Idaho, in early March. This was the first
time in Clarkson's history that an athletic team other than the hockey team had participated in a
national championship event.
This event presented Clarkson skiers with a challenge they never had faced before:
altitude, for the elevation at the McCall site was over a mile, and the opposition teams came
from Montana, Colorado, and Idaho, whose members were used to the elevation. There, the
Golden Knights took tenth place, a five-place jump from the 15th place ranking they held going
into the championship. In the 15 kilometer individual race, Greg Mapstone skied his best,
finishing in 29th place, Clarkson's top finish, followed by Dag Reppen in 37th, and Chuck Hull
in 40th. In the three-man relay race 3 X 5K, Clarkson fared well, finishing ninth, one point
behind Colorado State. First place was won by Minnesota.
The Fountain.
Near the barbecue pit adjacent to Woodstock, the Class of 1985 erected its class
gift: a restored old Victorian fountain which had stood near the original Clarkson Homestead,
now near Moore House. This working fountain close to the Gazebo was a fitting reminder to
the students of their University heritage.
A firm restored the original basin of the fountain and cast a replica of the fountain's
centerpiece. To pay for this project, the Senior class called on all of Clarkson's people to
contribute by purchasing a T-shirt with a picture of the fountain and the logo "Turning on the
Fountain," by attending a "downtown night," or by making personal contributions. They were
successful, for on May 19 the fountain was turned on.
Lady Knights' Basketball.
In their first three games in January after a five-week layoff over
Christmas, Clarkson women's basketball team picked up three consecutive wins over Hamilton,
Plattsburgh, and North Country Community College.
Heavily favored Hamilton was surprised by the way the Clarkson women hustled the
ball and outshot them in their 58-53 loss. The game was won on the foul line in the last two
minutes when Jill Heller and Babette Barlow each sank crucial free throws to ensure the
Clarkson victory. Clarkson went on to defeat Plattsburgh by a 51-39 margin, sparked by
Melissa Muhlenbruch's seven steals, and Mary Chesterfield and Tracey Dorsey each scoring 11
After a heartbreaking loss to Hartwick, the team continued its winning ways, defeating
Potsdam State, Canton College, and a second victory over North Country Community College,
bringing their season record to 10-4 overall, and 6-1 after Christmas break.
They went on to complete their most successful season, posting a 12-6 record, the first
winning season in their 10-year Clarkson history. In compiling this record, they scored their
first-ever wins over St. Rose 68-58, Hamilton 58-53, and twice over Plattsburgh 52-41 and 63-
53. They also scored double victories over Canton, Potsdam, and North Country Community
College. Clinton Community College and William Smith also fell victim to the Lady Knights.
Prior to this 1984-85 season, the Clarkson women's team had managed only 23 victories in nine
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